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    Looking for a private developer. Willing to pay.

    Some ideas;

    Clans/Races: Each Race has a back story, and each race comes with a certain advantage. One class may have a % faster break times, % faster healing times, etc. Race: The Enders, can teleport. Break protected blocks (say, one block per hour, for example) and can summon an Ender Dragon once ever so and so days​
    Classes: Such as, with skyrim - Mage, Theif, Warrior. Mage gives the ability to, for example, fly for a brief time, thief would be invisibility, warrior would be more power attacks.​
    XP: I want to use an experience level. You use the experience to buy more powers/level up powers, etc.​
    Still thinking of ideas but if anyone has any more ideas feel free to throw in.
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    Good idea, but I can't code
    I'll give you a bump
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    Cheers :)

    Scripted events. Much like what you can do in Adventure craft... basically, create dungeons and caves, etc... and have scripted events where a wall will 'crumble apart' (pistons) and an enemy (example, zombie) will attack you. In the same vein, at the end of these dungeons/caves, there will be a big boss and a reward for your troubles.
  4. Hey there Shinfo. Why are you in my mind?! :)

    I'm a starting plugin developer and am looking for a server to let my creativity loose. The thing I miss in Minecraft is the whole RPG element. Classes, quests and events!

    I'm working on a quest plugin with scripted events. (Like teleporting player, change scenery, spawn mobs etc.) Also I've created a thief plugin for another server with some skills (lockpick doors/chest, steal from players and vanish.) Also a quick chat mod so you can easily whisper to each other.

    I would love to chat about your ideas and how to implement those.
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    Great, I have so many ideas but no means to bring them to life myself. I'll inbox my skype name to you :)

    How I imagine the class selection screen on first load of the server. This could be achieved via Spout



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  6. Sorry for the late reply. But this looks nice! (Nais photoshop skills you have ;))

    If you can wait till the weekend then I'm your man! (Just a bit busy these comming days...)
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    That's niiice :D
  9. I think any help is welcome. I for example dont know Spout API. :)
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    *Watching this thread* Looks very interesting...looks like elements of this or the idea of this would fit very well into other plugins that are WIP for spout currently.
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    Lol just messing around in PS.

    Also, I imagine this being very interface heavy as opposed to command inputs. Hence, building around Spout. I feel it would get over much better with a button interface, as typing in codes can be quite tedious.

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    Agreed. Once you get a handful of "heavy" RPG styled plugins all mussed together...the commands get staggering and really take away from the experience.
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    Exactly, and this is why I would like it all to be developed "in house". Everything is customized to the server.
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    Im going to set up a website with a full description and what not :)
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    This...this is a very nice idea. And not just the RPG aspect, because that has been beaten to death in the request forum. It's the fact that you're already adept with Photoshop, with some -VERY- nice skills with it to boot.

    I'm busy with a few projects of mine, but I'm definitely going to keep watch on this and get back to you if nobody else tries to tackle this. (or help @dadaemon )
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    This is not too unlike GuildCraft ;)

    Alpha to be released soon
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    I would actually be quite interested in helping with this. I have considerable Spout API experience and am in the process of committing to Spoutcraft API.

    PM me if you would like some help.

    My current project, countercraft, is a very ambitious Spout project which shares many features that I think would be needed here.
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    I'm very excited to see where this goes :) PM'd both of you
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    I could try to tackle this but have a few plugins that I am developing for people already but they are almost done so it shouldn't really be to long (no more than a week or two after the RB comes out) however I am against creating a plugin for someone else for only their server especially one as intricate as this. If I do make this I would release it to the bukkit community.
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    I'm hoping we can combine existing plugins with freshly developped work and combine them to make something amazing
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    Did you make those pictures through Photoshop or something like that or did you take them from an existing plugin?
    Also I can start making this know if you want because I'm on a standstill with my other plugins.
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    this plugin will be BEAST!!!
  24. I'm very sorry but I have to stand back on this project. I've found a active server who is really interested in my plugins so I'm gonna move to that one. Will still be following this topic and hope you will give us some random screenshots of how the plugin progresses! :)
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    I hope it will be released to public... I would use it on my server :)
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    Sorry but I'm in the same boat as dadaemon. The plugin I'm working on may take some time. I would still like to help, but cannot really take an active role.
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    If I may be so bold, I am working on something very similar to this using the citizens, Heros and commandsigns plugins

    If you think of your races as Classes in Heros plugin, then you can give specific Class a skill set that aligns it to that RAce .

    In my Case you start as a citizen with no Race. At lvl 50 you choose a race (elf, half elf Dwarf or human). Depending on the race you choose, I open up a different style or play. ie Dwarves are bulders so I give them super hammer skill, or safe fall, etc

    Humans are given a larege cross section of skills,

    Half elfs get archer skills

    and Elf are my magic race

    in doig the races this way I can allow the users to be a race for 50 lvls, then they pick a classs that may or may not be race specific. What i mean id a Dwarf can be a dwarf fighter and a human can be a human fighter, in this case both would have the same skills, but the dwarf maintains its race spefic skills as does the humn

    Sorry is hard to explain in a wall of text, but suffice it to say it is doable with Citizens , Heros and CommandSigns

    Heros - for classes Races and skills (all customizable)
    Citizens - for npcs shop keepers and quests if wanted
    Signs - so that users don't have to learn all the commands (I created a Hall of Heros, has 4 door, users picks the door with there race on it and clicks a sign inside makign them that race, as they advance they return the to hall or hero s go through the door of there race and pick a door which leads to there class, then click a sign etc.

    I really think the guys that put the heros plugin together did a great job.

    anyway my WOT cents worth
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    None of that uses spout. It's not a truly integrated solution, and is not what people here are really looking for
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    Hey, I was wondering if I might ask you how you did those Photoshop artworks? I have installed countless brush packs trying to replicate yours, to no avail. Also, what is the font called?
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    I'm looking forward this. Bump!

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