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    You are descended from a lineage of deities- gain their favor to accumulate power and unlock the powers and skills of your godly parents.

    Your decision should not be taken lightly- choose between the Gods or the Titans, two immortal races at war. No matter which side you choose, you will be given passive abilities and active powers that cost Favor for children of Gods and Power for the spawn of Titans.

    Everything in green is complete!

    Choose from 3 major gods or titans to alliance with.
    • Zeus- The god of the sky.
      • Passive: Take no fall damage.
      • Active: Call a lightning strike down on a nearby enemy. /lightning
      • Active: Raise a target player or mob to the sky and drop them. /lift
      • Ultimate: Cause a lightning storm in the area. /storm
    • Poseidon- The god of the seas.
      • Passive: Cannot drown.
      • Active: For a duration of time, instant block break underwater. /waterbreak
      • Active: Melt a nonplayer living entity into water. /liquefy
      • Ultimate: Poseidon throws his trident to the earth at a specified location. The trident is loaded with TNT and explodes after a short duration. The remains of the trident melt into flowing water after a short time. /prime
    • Hades- The god of the underworld.
      • Passive: Cannot take damage from zombies or skeletons.
      • Passive: Zombies and skeletons within a radius do not catch fire in sunlight.
      • Active: Nearby monsters target a selected entity. /target
      • Active: Entomb a target player or mob in obsidian, trapping them. (Obsidian expires afterwards) /entomb
      • Ultimate: Create a huge hole in the ground under all nearby enemies, dropping them to their deaths. /tartarus
    Minor Gods
    • Coming soon. Ranking up will allow you to take on the abilities of a minor god.
    • Cronus- The titan of chaos and time.
      • Passive: Take reduced damage and can only die to a player/monster attack.
      • Passive: Attacking with a sickle causes an explosion and m-m-massive damage.
      • Active: Change the time on the server. /time <day/night/dusk/dawn>
      • Ultimate: Drastically reduce movement speed for all non-titan players. They are unable to move for a duration. /slow
    • Prometheus - The titan of wisdom and humanity. Gave fire to the humans.
      • Passive: Does not lose items on death.
      • Passive: Immune to fire and fire damage.
      • Active: Shoot a fireball at a target location. /fireball
      • Ultimate: Fire rains from the sky to smite your enemies. /firestorm
    • Rhea- The titan of the earth.
      • Passive: Clicking "growable" blocks (reeds, cacti, crops, trees) will cause them to grow fully.
      • Passive: Logs can be "eaten" to regain health. (Use left click to eat)
      • Active: Spawn an exploding tree at the target location. /plant and /detonate
      • Ultimate: Terraform a selected chunk. /terraform
    • Coming soon. Amassing enough glory allows you to take on the abilities of a powerful deity, who grant passive skills and abilities.

    • Gained by killing descendants of Titans and offering sacrifices.
    • Certain minor gods offer favor for other tasks.
    • Favor can be spent, but the total of all Favor accumulated, called Blessing, allows rank-ups.
    • At each rank-up, you may choose to affiliate yourself with a minor god (coming later) to gain more skills and passive abilities. (Minor gods themselves are not implemented, although they can be added to your allegiance)
    • Favor can be spent to create God protected zones- i.e. "Descendants of Zeus Only" or "Descendants of Hermes Only". A descendant of Zeus and Dionysius would have access to a Zeus zone but not Hermes, whereas a descendant of Poseidon and Hermes would be allowed in a Hermes zone but not Zeus.
    • Dying does not affect your favor.
    • Gained by killing descendants of Gods and offering sacrifices.
    • Power can be spent, but also stockpiled. Killing the descendant of a God while you have more than a certain amount of Power will give you Glory, which allows you to unlock more deities.
    • Titans can also create protected zones for their associated Titans and deities.
    • Dying will halve your Power and may remove the alliance of one of your deities.
    Altars and Sacrifices
    • An altar can be built and dedicated to a God or Titan by placing a sign with the deity's name on it in a specially designed building. If the altar is accepted the sign will disappear.
    • Sacrifices can be made at God-specific altars. More information on this later.
    God Rankings
    1. Olympian (1 major god and 3 minor gods)
    2. Demigod (1 major god and 2 minor gods)
    3. Zealot (1 major god and 1 minor god)
    4. Acolyte (1 major god)
    5. Mortal (no affiliation)
    Titan Rankings
    1. Immortal (1 major titan and more than 5 deities)
    2. Legion (1 major titan and 5 deities)
    3. Risen (1 major titan and 4 deities)
    4. King (1 major titan and 3 deities)
    5. Lord (1 major titan and 2 deities)
    6. Fallen (1 major titan and 1 deity)
    7. Spawn (1 major titan)
    Development of this plugin is ongoing and expected to take several weeks.
    Alpha release expected by June 13.

    The full plugin will not be complete until well after 1.6. As more features are added, God and Titan abilities may be updated.
    This plugin, like McMMO, is a server-wide RPG type deal, which means it takes up a lot of server power. Every single deity needs its own set of listeners, and there is a lot of number crunching to do any time a player does pretty much anything. It is not recommended that this plugin be combined with many others, although I am trying to keep it as lightweight as possible. iConomy support is possible but unlikely.
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    Sounds like this will be something to check out :)
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    I like this.
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    Sounds absolutely EPIC!
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    The hardest part of writing this is coding the things that players will never directly interact with. Once all of the background stuff is done I can work on the flashy skills that change from deity to deity- that's the easy part. Altars and sacrifice mechanics will come later.
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    Do you have a github where we can look at your source?
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    @desmin88 I have no idea how to set up a github, plus I haven't gotten very far. Are there any easy tutorials for github available?
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    On the github website they have a tutorial.
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    Wow Someones ambitious XD I'll be watching this!
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    What works:
    Zeus - 100% complete
    Poseidon - 40% complete
    Infrastructure (background code) - 90% complete
    Save system - 100% complete (it's not pretty, but it gets the job done)
    Fancy stuff (altars, sacrifices, ranks) - 0% complete

    Development in ongoing, but I hope to release when I've got the 3 major gods and titans finished.
    If anyone has ideas for skills/abilities for players to use, and which gods/titans they should be associated with, feel free to post.
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    I cant wait to see poseidon ingame... that will be FUN!
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    Updates: Poseidon is done (and awesome) and Hades is in the works (looking extremely cool so far).
    I'm going to take a weeklong break to do school work. Expect an alpha release before 1.7 (including 3 gods and 3 titans, basic favor system).
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    Anddd Hades is done. Time to start the Titans.

    Cronus is finished. All in a day's work. :D

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    I simply cant wait to test this out! :D
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    Huge updates. Alpha release by next Saturday.

    H'Okay, it's finals week next week but I've been on a coding spree lately.
    Here's what's mostly tested and in working order:

    God Stuff
    • Zeus is 100%
    • Poseidon is 100%
    • Hades is 100% (glitchy, but it's Bukkit's issue)
    • Adding your first god (100%)
    • Adding gods afterwards + ranking system (untested)
    • Protected zones (Cuboids)
    • Shrines
    • Tribute system (major way to gain Favor/Blessing, other than PvP)
    Titan Stuff
    • Cronus is 100%
    • Killing God players gives you Power, dying reduces it by 10%
    • Cuboids
    • Saving/loading system
    To do:
    • Update to a more recent way to process commands
    This plugin causes one bug that I can't figure out. There's a null pointer error that pops up once in a while. I enclosed the offending statement in a try{ } catch (Exception e) but it somehow ignores the catch (which it shouldn't because I'm catching all Exceptions). The way to fix it is to reload the server maybe twice. Then the issue fixes itself.
    Since a lot of the Titan code can be copy pasted from the God side, I'll have an Alpha version ready by Monday or Tuesday. I don't want to release until after finals, and I have to do some small scale bug testing.
    Then I'll give it to you guys to test, and if any horrible glitches appear I'll get to fix them during the first week of summer vacation. Whoo!

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    I've stalled at Prometheus due to lack of motivation and general interest. I'll release on Sunday whether I'm finished or not.
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    We would instantly use this plug.in on our RP-server if there is way to configurate some things. (for example to make it less grieferfreindly :D)
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    @Hamsta There are so many variables involved in this (plus it's in alpha) that making a fully feature config file would be a daunting task to say the least. What specifically (I'm assuming you mean the skills) is making it griefer friendly at the moment?
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    Yep. It's the skills. To me it seems kind of inconsequent to prohibit the use of TNT but allow them to shoot prometeus Fireball or even throw down Poseidons trident.
    I think it would be the easiest to add a true/false config for every skill, so that you can choose yourself which skills players should be able to use and wich not.
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    The issue is that if some gods/titans have their skills disabled, they'll seem nerfed compared to the other ones and won't be chosen. On the other hand, if I disable explosions, then the flashy skills and the whole idea that these are powerful deities are lost. I might just make it more difficult to access the really damaging powers, because this is a PvP plugin and is designed so that Gods and Titans can go into each others' bases, blow stuff up, and go to war.
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    how about egeption stuff to please:D:)

    and add greek monsters like gost and minotor :D

    :cool:me and my bud got the mod it rocks:rolleyes:;):)

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    Additional deities are planned.
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    like what??? and what are deities??
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    Like more gods and titans. Deities is just the general name for a god or titan. I also plan to add deities that aren't greek.
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    thanks my friend and i are big fans and my friend is a coder and might want to help??

    i will talk to him about it:D:cool:

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    Hey great job with the plugin! I personally think Poseidon is under powered? He really doesnt have any specials that can hurt players like the other god and titans. other then the trident of course. maybe he could deal more damage with weapons? or maybe a ice arrow possibly slowing people down while causing damage? or other ice attacks? or maybe teleporting people to him so he could drag someone into the water with him where they could fight? just a idea thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Poseidon heals 3.5 hearts every 10 seconds in water though.
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    Any possible early version? :p You could create one but give a warning that it's still not stable.
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    It's been out for a while now o_o
    Link in my sig.
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    Oh my... :p Thanks!
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