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    Looking for someone to create or if one exisits alreay a plugin that would create a Fantasy Style Date and time system in game with each passing day in minecraft.

    Of course the calendar/date would need to be configurable.

    Example: 06:00am of the 1st day of Blank month of the year 1 in the world of Xeroia
    Example 2: 06:00am 1/1/0001 of Xeroia / Winter Solstice.


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    If I knew of one, and it was customizable, my players would be annoyed.
    Why? Month of Huur, durr, derp, herp, poni, pony, anti-july, space, four, thattenthone, pony II, and spaceagain.

    Its a wonder anyone even puts up with me o_o

    (But in seriousness I like this idea)
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    This was a great idea, and simple to do, so I added it to my plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vitals-plugin/

    Version 0.11 of my plugin that I just uploaded has this feature, just enable the module "GameDate" in the config.

    Config the number of days per month, number of months and month names, starting year (default year 3000), and whether to do announcements. If you turn announce on, at 6 am game time it broadcasts "A new day has arrived! It is now 6:00 AM on September 1, 3025" or whatever the game date/time is. At 6:30 pm it broadcasts "Darkness begins to fall.... <date/time>" and at 8 pm it broadcasts "Darkness has fallen. <date/time>". So if you manually set the time to day (like in essentials /time day command) it puts it at 6 am and announces it, and /time night puts it at 8 pm and announces darkness has fallen. If the day/night proceeds naturally you get all 3 broadcasts (so players get a little warning as it starts to turn night)

    Also players can see the current game date and time whenever they want with the command /date
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    pzxc this looks awesome i will check this out as soon as i get home today, thank you so much for listening and actully following thru i will most diffentaly check your other plugins as well

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