[RPG] Classes 1.0 - Ability classes for your RPG server [1000]

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    Classes - Ability classes for your RPG server

    Classes is a plugin that lets you create classes with abilities,
    that players can buy later by using signs.I am a noob in making plugins
    and this is my first plugin I release, so there may be MANY MANY MANY bugs :D. I will do my best to fix them though.
    * Single player can have multiple classes
    * Commands support
    * Buy-class signs

    Note: Only iConomy support for now and only tested on iConomy 5
    You MUST have Permissions to use this plugin.Tested only on Permissions 3.


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    Create a class and add some abilities to it.
    Create a sign with the following on it:
    [Buy Class]
    <Class name>
    Right click on the sign to use it.


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    * /cl -add <Class name> - Create a new class.
    * /cl -del <Class name> - Delete a class.
    * /cl -list - List all existing classes.
    * /cl -list - List all existing classes.
    * /cl <Class name> -node -add <Node name> - Create a node in the specified class.
    * /cl <Class name> -node -del <Node name> - Delete a ability from the specified class.
    * /cl <Class name> -node -list - List all abilities in the specified class.
    * /cl -user -addclass <Player name> <Class name> - Add an existing class to the specified player.
    * /cl -user -delclass <Player name> <Class name> - Delete a class from the specified player.
    * /cl -user -listclass <Player name> - List all the classes the specified player owns.

    Permission Nodes:

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    * classes.cl - Use/cl command
    * classes.sign.create - Create Buy Class Signs
    * classes.sign.use - Use Buy Class signs

    Known Issues:

    * Error when trying to use the commands from the server console.DO NOT USE them for now.I am working on a fix.If anyone can help me I will be really happy.Temporary fixed.You won't get error now but the commands are not going to work from the console.

    Version 1.0:
    * Release

    To Do:

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    * Add Rent Class sign
    * Add Runes which are going to be used as a cost for different abilities.

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  2. Clean up your title a little, make it:
    [RPG] Classes - Ability classes for your RPG server [1000] ;)
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    Also, this needs an external download link. (For non-registered people)
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    Thanks for the reply.I am going to update the link in a minute.
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    OMG! Thank you so much!
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    missing version in title, missing changelog section (you have the version there, but not the header for it) and please use some bold fonts
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    Ok.I am going to fix this but I have a qustion:How to add spoilers?I didn't see it anywhere on the toolbar.
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    Use: ["Spoiler="nameofspoiler"] ["/spoiler] without ""
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    Thank you Gonfa.
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    I have an idea for the plugin.... U use runes or something to use the functions the class have...
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    I don't think I understand Gonfa.What functions and what class are you talking about (what are their names).Be more specific.I will be really happy to hear your idea.
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    Like if u have a class that can teleport. It costs runes or something to teleport. Like:
    /tppos -393 70 244. That cost runes to perform if u dont have enough runes. U get a message like: You dont have enough runes. U can buy runes from signs with
    [Buy Rune]
    and u can make it in the config on how many runes you use per node like:

    - essentials.tppos
    runes: 3 teleport runes
    - essentials.tp
    runes: 3 teleport runes


    EDIT: if it is possible
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    That is a good idea Gonfa.I will be adding this to the to do list.Thanks for the contribution.
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    I don't understand Tealk.Please tell me what exactly the problem is.:?
    PS:Classes plugin doesn't have anything to do with LevelCraft.
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    Its ok, this plugin dosnt run on our Server, because it switch the permission nodes from classes to the permission user.yml.
    We need a separate Plugin
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    its like permissions but 25 times easyer thanks
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    It is good you like it rezznov.It wasn't meant to be used as permissions because it actually does need permissions but I think this is a good use of the plugin.However it doesn't include some more advanced things permissions have like prefixes, suffixes or inheritence.And still I am very happy you like the plugin.
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    how do u use the permissions i cant get them to work
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    What are the specific ability nodes??
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    You have to create them with either by using the config file or by using the command for creating ability nodes.:)
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    Suggestion: Allow us to make the signs to choose a class switch someone to a permissions group. Or allow us to add colored prefixes/Suffixs
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    Error: Says I have an "Internal Error" When I try and use the commands.
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    can you give an example of nodes leaving the slower, stronger and more resistant ?

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