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    Pylamo RPG Plugin

    full v0.3 Download

    customise your v0.23 Download (old, will be updated soon)

    (old)full v0.23 Download

    Devbukkit page

    You need to delete the config when you update so it will create a new one with the new config settings!!!
    Please delete RPGPlugin folder if exists.

    Place the .jar in your craftbukkit's plugins folder and reload/restart server.
    After the first run of the plugin, it will create an config folder where you can set the maximum party size.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    All Commands (for now): pylamo help.PNG

    Admin Commands:
    pylamo help admins.PNG

    That's how the chat looks: pylamo chat.PNG

    • Invite people in your party
    • Chat with them
    • Manage partys as leader
    • Ignore invites
    • If you have a dc you have one minute to reconnect and be in the same party as before
    • Delete/list parties as admin
    • Set the maximum party size as admin

    Permission nodes: - create a party/be a leader of a party - join a party
    pylamo.partyadmin - acces to all admin commands shown on the second screenshot

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    pylamo guild help1.PNG

    guildhelp 2.PNG

    pylamo guildchat.PNG

    • Create complete Guilds
    • Chat in the Guildchat with all Members
    • Manage your Guild as Leader and Co Leader
    • Name prefix of your Guild in normal Chat
    • List of all the Members who are in your Guild
    • Delete Guilds as an Admin
    • Guilds won't disappear after reload/restart Server
    • Set the maximum guild size as an admin in the config
    • Manage Guildbank as Leader and Co Leader
    • Full iConomy Support
    • Guild Leader can create a Guildhouse(Right/Left Click with Paper)
    • A Guild can have Guildsafes(Chests)

    Permission nodes:
    pylamo.guildadmin - acces to all guildadmin commands
    pylamo.guild.create - create a guild
    pylamo.guild.join - join a guild

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    pylamo achievements.PNG

    • get achievements by:
    • breaking blocks
    • killing monsters
    • kill other players

    Planned for the future:
    • Full RPG-Plugin
    • NPCS
    • Enemies
    • Drops
    • Items
    • Skills
    • Quests
    • Levels
    • Dungeons
    • Regions
    • Classes
    • Guilds
    • PVP
    • Jobs
    • more achievements, maybe you will be able to create some
    Known bugs:
    does not work without iconomy installed on the server.


    Show Spoiler

    29.08.: v0.3 Added achievements
    14.08.: v0.23 iConomy finally fixed
    added guildhouse protection
    added guildsafe protection
    fixed many bugs
    added preview for achievements (/achieve)
    11.08.: v0.22.1 iconomy not needed anymore, fixed config folders​
    10.08..: v0.22 added guildbank
    fixed a bug where you couldn't invite People to your Guild
    10.08.: v0.21 added configs to disable part of plugins (party, guilds) and guild maxsize
    09.08.: v0.2 added Guilds and changed permission nodes
    07.08.: v0.12 added config file to configure the maximum party size
    07.08.: v0.11 added permissions and admin commands.
    06.08.: v0.1 Initial release

    Only a test release so please feel free to report bugs, improvements and suggestions.
    We'll add more features soon.

    Authors: syl0r, bluesilver000, raltahook, TruDan
    PHPcoder/Logocreator: TruDan
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    Can you add sentence was editable (for other language :p)
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    Hey another thing, could you make it so normal players can create guild and parties (not running permissions)
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    this would be a problem, but you can also use the integrated permissions system of bukkit, so this would be no problem, furthermore every user could create a guildhouse and make the area undestroyable.
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    Oh nvm I got permissions running but it seems that if I give default the permission: - 'PylamoRPG.*' they still cannot use guildcreate, why is this? Does it have something to do with the fact that my download is name: tonsofnumbershere_PylamoRPG.jar ?
  6. Did you download from the customizer?

    try the permissions "pylamo.*" all lowercase

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    Ok thank you.
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    I really like how this plugin is looking but I see you have many planned features nut what you have right now would be all I want. I'll be using the heroes plugin for levels and stuff. So maybe you could make it so you could choose what features you want.
  9. You can, The first download link is to the customizer that i made. You can select which parts of our plugin you would like to have, the download link is wget friendly too so you can download it directly to your server. It is guarenteed to be stored on our server for 1hour, After that it will get deleted. (May be longer, it goes by when the page gets visited)
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    Is it possible to make the guild chat like thank:
    <[Admin][Hunter]p000ison[Guild]>: Heyho!

    Or maybe its possible with herochat. I dont know
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    Nice job i like it!
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    this has nothing to do with herochat, that's basically a problem how i manage to make the tags, i'll try to fix it in the next release.
    thank you :)
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    Is it possible to have it intergrated with iConomy, so that people can, lets say, pay to start a guild?
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    that's already included
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    Hey Pylamo

    Please make a command to allow the PVP between Guildies ON =)
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    Can you make exp bar?
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    that would be senseless, minecraft 1.8 adds one.
  18. can i add my own achievements? :O

    There aint many achievements and theyre kinda easy. Id like to add my own 1s :3 is it possible?
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    how do i get it to show prefix in normal chat?
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    The Assassin

    Just wondering, when does you think all of the planned futures will be added?

    Ye, I got some suggestions too; I think you should add zones, like when you walk into one a message pops up in YOUR, only your own, chat bar. I also think you should add ranks, like customizable guild ranks, ranks in jobs, classes and PvP. Please add some kind of repairing, if you add blacksmiths (NPC) you could like right click to repair or something :) I think that you should add Levels, skills, classes, Loot (aka. drops), NPCs (like citizens, blacksmith, guards, etc) and jobs first, cause these are the once that are hard to get in one package, and these are the once who are most needed to make a good RP server.

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    Do more, i like it, i need it. I hope you make then PVP teams, with friendly fire or not, and that the player can who join first of the server, can click at a sign like A or B to chose her site, so their guild. And then their would spawn in their team castle automaticly, and cannot leave their team again.

    That were cool because i want to make a World of Warcraft Minecraft server, there are 2 teams too, horde and alliance
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    Link for the download *Latest* is dead.
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    Bad link :/
    Pleas repair ;)
  24. Desciption needet! this Plugin is very awesome but without a Discription i can't use it!
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    I am prod

    Hmm..Seems good from the feedback but sadly I don't know because the screenshots are tiny and bukkit wont let me see a bigger version. Maybe you could actually list the commands lol
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    Thank's for that great plugin.
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    How to set the 2 points for using "/ghouse create" ?
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    Is it possible to give only guildmembers a permission? (I use essentials groupmanager)
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    I found this plugin a few weeks ago, and i am very interested about the Guilds creation.

    Probleme, No real explenations about how it works..

    Is it always up to date, or nobody support it anymore ?

    Thanx in advance
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    Hey, I'm working of a new plugin, it will be released in 1-2 months and it will include all old features + classes/spells/dmgsystem/XP system, so don't expect any updates for this one.

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