[RPG] Awesome dungeon plugin. Any interest?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jeroende2e, Sep 19, 2011.

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    im currently working on a plugin named "Dunegonz"
    it's a sort of bigger project (for me)
    let me tell you a little bit about the plugin.

    The plugin does this:

    Players can team up and make a party.
    when all the people are in the party the leader can start the event.
    When the leader starts the event all players will be teleporter to a big room.
    In this room will spawn a Giant zombie.
    wich has Aloooot of health and Nice attacks.
    When the players kill the Giant they will get drops (configurable) and money
    They have 30 sec's and then they will be teleported out.
    they can do the event again in a certain time (configurable)

    Admins can set the start spawn point. and the point where the giant spawns.


    Now i am wondering if people would like this plugin.
    Use it in there server. or sometimes, cause if no one wants to use it,
    i will stop making it.

    So what do you think?
    Please leave a reaction of what you think.
    Idea's are also welcome.


    - Option for random spawn
    - spawn giant with command
    - multiple dungeons
    - cooldowntime on dungeon
    - config for item drops

    having good idea's?
    Please tell me!

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    I think it might be good for a rpg server, but I'm also sure that it would be pretty out of place without a actual dungeon plugin.
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    what kind of actual dungeon plugin?
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    One that generates a cuboid dungeon. For example, a maze with random monsters spawned of which blocks can not be broken. This plugin would be the boss room.

    On the other hand, you could make this an event. I think it would be cool if it actually spawned a giant at a location with no players, and then gave all the players coordinates to find it. It would be like a random event with treasure!
  5. Maybe see if you can incorporate the two, to produce something along the lines of Instances and Raids in World Of Warcraft. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but so far, not adept enough to code it yet, but by all means use the idea and expand. If you did the above, i would most definatly use it on my server :)
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    I don't know if i can make load .schematics, but all can be learned. When im done with the main dungeon i will try to work on that. Also i can make the giant spawn somewhere randomly. Good idea too!

    Atm im working on party system. I hope it is finished today. And then i will start on all the Giant's attacks.
    Lightning, tnt explosions, Ghastballs, fire, and probably more.


    Yeah! I've been playing this game before mc, called Flyff. It also has boss dungeons, and i really liked that.
    I will probably make it like WoW or Flyff
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    Sounds good, try to add worldedit cuboids in it for customized schematics :D
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    When im done with this i wanna make the option so everyone can make dungeons. Zombie spawns and stuff

    First let's make this :p


    Btw, i can go on bukkit dorum with my bb :D

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    I'd use this with, or without the actual dungeon. I'll be using like three separate dungeon plugins.
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    Party system 90% done :D

    Dungeon here i come :D
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    hello, I am making a MMORGP-server and i would have loved your plugin! your plugin is a greate idee :) keep on people will love it! :D
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    the party system is almost done. then i will focus on the giant. attacks and stuff
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    thath's awesome! :D
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    Imma add Config for the item drops of the giant.

    also i will add a command so admins can spawn one whenever they want.
    anyone else having good idea's?
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    Ideas for the encounter perhaps.
    The room would have to be 40x40, when the fight starts every 18 seconds 3 random quarters of the floor turn into orange wool, people have to move out of it in 6 seconds. After 6 seconds the wool turns red and sets on fire. The the middle 5x5 square would have to be sandstone to prevent people from moving just one square.
    There are plenty of things like this to copy from world of warcraft boss enounters.
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    That sounds really cool.
    the party system is almost done.
    then i will start with giant attacks :D
    if i can i will defenitly add this!
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    the coolest thing would be if you could spawn an npc who fights using spout for skins. That way you could make a bunch of different boss encounters. First things first though, can't wait for first release ;D
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    Yeah that looks nice, though i want mine to not overwrite the world, but just somewhere near the bedrock make a dungeon. or whereever the admin wants it to spawn.


    That also looks like a good plugin. though that one is more explororing,
    and i want mine to be more of clearing/killing all the monsters. (the dungeon will be sort of hard to find the en though)
    I would aslo love a dungeon level. like when you did de dungeon fast you get more exp. and witha higher lvl you get more drops.

    also i wanna make random dungeons.
    but i the release v1.0 it will probably be only so admins can set spawn for the giant, and the start. auto generated dungeons will come with later updates.

    Thanks for the plugins. i think i can learn somethings from them!

    Atm im working on the party system.
    im working on that alot since i want it to be good.
    when it is done i will start on the giant his spells/attacks.
    and when he has at least 5 good working attacks i will start on the auto-generated dungeon :)


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    nice, keep up the good work.
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    Npc's would be really cool!
    To bad i don't know anything about it.
    But if i can do that. I will!
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    Ok, im on a weekend vacation.
    can't work on the plugin alot.
    the party system is basicaly done.
    though im improving it alot

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