[RPG/ADMIN/SEC/FUN] Sensors 2 [1060]

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    Don't forget a changelog, even if it's just Version 1.0 - Initial Release ;) (Oh, and the first two changelogs should be available without spoilers!)

    But looks nice. Will test soon.

    Lol @ edits :D

    thanks! Will be up tomorrow. :)

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    Some more detail would be helpfull the idea seems to be cool but if you have to use a sign to create an invincible pressure plate then you will have to have a big hole beside the actual pressure point meaning a gap in the floor etc so the sign creation is not such a feasible idea invincible pressure points in front of doors basically impossible unless you can somehow hide the sign, but the idea is brilliant will solve a lot of problems with automation of pistons etc.
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    No, you can build everything above the output-block and the sign.
    The sign is a block below the sensor, as mentioned in the picture.
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    Great plugin! Ah-may zing! There's other plugins that do this, but I actually prefer a smattering of smaller plugins than one big honking plugin (hi, Essentials)

    Great work, keep it up :)

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    help! it wont work i got it and but but when someone stands on ot it wont trigger the redstone!
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    Unfortunately, latest bukkit build doesn't supports current Sensors version((
    Can you make any updates?
    Plugin is awesome, but run with lags and errors

    PS: Sorry for my bad english))

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