Rounding Cords?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by javoris767, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Hey is their a way to round coordinates for a players location because
    X(-968.433041986818), Y(103.87380380545437), Z(-3072.537140139901)
    Could get pretty big and confusing.
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    location provides getBlockX/Y/Z() methods
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    player.getLocation() returns the players exact location.
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    If you really wish to round:
    Use > Math.round();

    Will go to the nearest integer.
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    1. Math.round(player.getLocation().getZ());

    Like this?
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    Sir Savary

    Yes, that would work.

    Edit: Wait, I lied, that might produce buggy results depending on the decimal. Use math.floor instead.
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    you can cast it to a int, which will cut the decimal off so you always stay on the block you were on and not round up to the next one. or you can use Math.floor
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