Util [Rotating Armorstand] Converting degrees/radians to EularAngles

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    EulerAngles are objects that Armorstands use to orientate limbs. This util is here to help developers convert degrees or radians to EulerAngles.

        public static EulerAngle angleToEulerAngle(int degrees){
            return angleToEulerAngle(Math.toRadians(degrees));
        public static EulerAngle angleToEulerAngle(double radians){
            double x = Math.cos(radians);
            double z = Math.sin(radians);
            return new EulerAngle(x,0,z);
    Disclaimer. This is only designed for rotations (such as for arms and heads). Because of that, I did not account for yaw. I may come back and add that as a feature later, but for now, you will have to manually set the Y if you need a change in pitch.
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  2. Math.toRadians(degrees) ;)
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