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    I searched a little and found there wasn't really a roller coaster/travel plugin.

    The idea is that there is a way for a user to ride a roller coaster without having to place his own minecart, or destroy a minecart, and can just ride.

    I think the best way, is you set two blocks, the starting block, and the finishing block.

    The starting block will create a minecart on the track in front of it, and the play cannot create a new one until his old minecart has hit the Finishing Block.

    The Finishing Block will destroy, and not drop the minecart.

    Also, i thought that maybe, though this might be difficult to do, have any empty minecart that has been empty/has a mob in it/stopped on the rails that are between the Start block and Finishing block, will dissapear/destroy after # of seconds probably set in config file.

    Don't flame me if this is too difficult, too ridiculous, or you just don't like it.

    It's just a suggestion that i find would be quite useful on servers with transportation/rides with Minecarts.

    EDIT: Also maybe if a player/mob is on the tracks, after 5 seconds or something it will tp them to spawn. And maybe if you try and drop an item or shoot an arrow, it just goes back into your inventory right when you try to shoot/drop it.
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