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    Is it possible for someone to make a plugin were when you do /rtd the server picks from a configured array of commands to initialize onto the player?
    Basically there would be a config file were you can put things such as /kill /give <Name> diamond 1 and stuff like that. And when a player rolls it forces the player to run one of the commands listed at random.
    It would also be nice to be able to have 2 or more commands run at the same time in 1 roll. So one may be: /kill <Name> and then /say <Name> rolled death.
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    This isn't hard at all; I can do it. When do you need/want it by?
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    Just looked it up and realized that it's already been done (kind of).
    I can still do it; I have ideas that provide enormous server admin control over outcomes and very little CPU footprint. PM me if you're interested, Aaron13ps
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    I have looks at allot of roll the dice plugins and they are either rolling a random number or preset pros and cons.
    I would be very pleased if one like this could be made.
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    I can do it, gimme a day.

    All done:


    /rtc (/rollthecommand or /roll also work): rolls the command
    /rtc reload: Reloads the config
    pretty simple, just add a command and it will include it (IE: "give {name} 46 64" would give the player [if they rolled that] 64 46(TNT))
    rtc.reload: Allows you to reload config
    rtc.roll: Allows you to "Roll the Dice!"

    Would you be okay if I put this on bukkitDev?
    Also, any new features you want?

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    Oh, I had written one up as well.
    (I was also first to respond, but whatevs)

    Anyway, here's the one I wrote, just so I don't feel like I did it for nothing:
    [Dropbox] <-- Click to download

    I'll write up a thread in the Plugin Releases section if I get any feedback. I plan on coming out with more fleshed-out versions, but this is a fully functional and customizable version with full error reporting.

    EDIT: Sorry, been out of the loop awhile now. Instead of Plugin Releases (actually would have been Plugin Submissions, but that's obsolete now), I created a BukkitDev area for my plugin.
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    x3chaos, i tried the plugin you sent and it does not seem to work that well. While it does say that "Aaron13ps rolled for DEATH!!!" it does not do the kill command, nor does the diamond chance.

    EvilKanoa, i tried yours as well. The config file does not seem to affect the commands. (Ex: I set it to /say {name} rolled and got nothing but in the games it still does /say {name} is a dummy).
    Also is there a way to have multiple codes for 1 activation?

    @EvilKonao and x3chaos I would like to see a cooldown in it as well, and (if possible, but not nessissary) a "chance" for each one

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    Gotcha, sorry about that. Must have switched a line or two in the code after I changed it. I'll fix and re-export ASAP.
    I'll get the new version up sometime later tonight.

    EDIT: Aaron13ps, check the console. Is the command not firing at all, or is it just a syntax error?
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    Nothing seems to work except the /say command.
    I used the preset code you used and the one below with not luck (except /say [and /say DOES change when i change it in the config, like it should])

      - /give $(player) diamond 1
      - /say $(player) rolled the dice and got a diamond!
      - /kill $(player)
      - /say $(player) rolled the dice and committed suicide!
      - /say $(player) rolled the dice and got nothing!
    I am sorry that i cant pull data from the console. If is to filled with data to get anything out.
    I will look more into the problem.
    Have you tried the plugin out yourself?
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    I have; I run a bug test after each export, and it works fine for me. I'm not sure why it's not working, honestly.

    By the way, "/kill $(player)" should just be "/kill." My bad, I told you in PM it'd be "/kill $(player)".

    EDIT (again): how long should the cooldown period be? Right now I have it at 30 seconds.
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    currently there does not appear to be a cooldown for i can do /rtd multible times, and i think the reason its not working is because plugins change what the command is, and in order to kill yourself (at least in my server) is it /kill (name) or /suicide If you want to come to the server to help experiment yourself, the Ip is
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    Ahh, okay. I see that now as far as "/kill" goes.
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    It seems like x3chaos is a lot better then mine lmao, any chance I could see the source?
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