Roll The Dice V2 Need Ideas For Rolls ty!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by TheUpdater, Oct 19, 2013.

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    hello my name is EzLeR_iGoDz am currenly Coding 4 gamemodes

    one of them is
    Roll The Dice

    you join a game etch time you get killed you get a new roll
    but we are out of ideas and we need more so can you guys on the forum post some?

    For Example:

    RollName: BALL
    Info: you are the ball
    what will it do to you/others: give super ball powers

    something like that hope you post some rolls

    What Is An Roll???
    well an roll is something you get etch time you die it can be diffirent 1 time you might get

    creeper = you look like a creeper and can hit an air 3 seconds later you explode

    or something else like.. nuke for example

    so we have 30 rolls and we are gona have about 150 we need ideas for these
    so plz post some hope this explains it

    anybody? have any ideas?

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    We have no idea what any of this means. Could you explain more, then maybe more people will understand.
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    there we go =)
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