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    Plugin category: RolePlaying

    Suggested name: RPRaces

    What I want: A easy to use RP races plugin for 1.7.5. I want it give the player a race such as orc or elf. I also want it to give them abilities such as increased speed or damage. I want it to be easy to use and edit(Like a .yml file). I know there are some out there, but i need one that is easy to use.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /Races be <race> or /r be <race>
    • /Races list or /r l
    • /Races info <race> or /r i <race>
    Ideas for permissions: (what ever is possible)

    When I'd like it by: Soon
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    sounds kinda fun, I'd need more information on what races you'd want and what each race should feature(or better put, the things that you'd want changing is it only speed and damage or are there more?). Or I could just do it entirely from the DnD 4e rule book... Now that would be interesting...

    just realised that this is almost a month old...
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    Dear pure101;

    THANK YOU, We have been thinking no one will help! Well, we have about 17 races planned, but we are sure you do not want to do that. Maybe make it easy to change (.yml file?)? But we want the plugin to give the players unique traits, such as:
    • Elf: speed, increased bow damage.
    • Orc: increased axe damage

    For an example of what we are thinking of, join Their race system is a lot like what iwe are thinking. Anyway, please respond, we really want to see this work.

    Thank you,
  4. Onama There is a plugin that already does this. It takes a little reading to find out exactly how to make in-depth races and classes to go with. On first login you can choose your race and class (that was a little buggy last time I checked it, but he will have fixed that by now). Its called RacesandClasses (RaC) I was after a plugin that did this and found RaC. The Author, Tobiyas, has predefined traits with customization as an added bonus. This goes from Axe Damage and a multiplier, Multiplied, added, less damage are all possible. The races you stated are fairly easy to make through this plugin. It also has permission capabilities (also a little buggy last I played it) and an integrated magic system. As I said earlier, it takes a bit of reading through the how to's on the plugins page.
    Here is the link:
    Most, if not all, of the plugins features can be turned off in the main config, so your server won't be filled with content you don't want.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention this plugin states it is updated to 1.7.4, I am fairly sure the other updates were minor enough not to make an impact on the plugin... I may be wrong though :/
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    Dear @MasculinBulldog ;
    We are aware of this plugin, but it is VERY buggy and most of the time it never works. We have tried it several times, yet it never works. We also found it to be very confusing; they said there we be a config file to use, but when we boot up the server, a config file comes up, but it doesn't do anything, its like a read-me file. That is why we want a custom plugin for our server. It we are also looking for a team of plugin makers, pure1101 could really help us in the future. Thank you for pointing this out though.
    Thank you again,

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