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Do u like my idea?

  1. Yiipi, I wait for that Idea ;D

  2. LOL that an realy bad idea ...

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    My idea for an RPG plugin what changes the minecraft mobs into RolePlay mobs. A Pig for example will walk in user defined/random areas around and attack player/monsters/mobs or ran away or just be a regular pig. if you wanna work with selfmade textures it can be an boar or something. the cow will be a bear/grizzly and you'll have the same options like at the pig. I dont have any idea for the sheep's sens in that plugin :DD but the chicken can be an funny mob lik an fungy or an little bird, oh yeha the same options like the pig and cow. and thats pretty mutch it. i hope that someone can be so kind an make this plugin it would be suuper cool :D

    PS:i forgott that the spiders/cavespiders can also be mobs with the options of the pig

    And here the Functions:

    - Mobs spawn in specific areas like forrest [and in swamps after 1.9]
    - Mobs have an behavior [agressive/neutral/fear]
    - Mobs drop an defined amount of EXP orbs

    User Functions (that changable stuff):
    - OP's can define a specific Mob area or say:"Pigs spawn in woods" or define a [some] chunk
    - OP's can change the behavior of all pigs [and all other] on the server, or a specific area
    - OP's can change the droped loot in general or a specific area [also EXP orbs]

    And, ... I like Pigs :D

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    It's look interesting, it's a good idea.
    Maybe, if I have some time, I would try do it.
    If I do it, I would begin with drop's modifications.
    After, I would do the creature's modifications. But this seems to be hard.
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    Yeah, i know but its so necessary for any roleplay server that i create only for this a account.
    No just kidding ;D. I just think that it would be a very cool thing on an WoW like Server, if on the left side of a road are small birds [lv1 chicken] and they do not drop mutch exp orbs. ya, and on the other side is a river ;D eventualy with silverfishes D [lv1-2 silverfish] and if you go further you'll see a forrest with Pigs/boars [lv3 pig] and than you'll see ... and so on

    the way to config the areas is simple: you mark an area with green wool? (configurable) and than define the area by typing /mobs create chicken 1 (you have to stand in the green borderd area)
    [/mobs [create] [mobtype] [area number]]

    and i think a command to hide the marks of the areals or if you wanna be able to create an hideable mark of an area type [/mob [hide/show]] . That means thet you type /mob show and than you gonna mark an area where you want to have an specific type of a mob. then you type /mob hide , and the green wool disapears and the native blocks where shown.

    so in the area you wanna have some pigs, cause is so empty ;D
    type /mob show and walk into the green areal. than type /mob create pig 1 <- (the one cause its your first area)
    if you hate pigs and your friend have definded the [1] areal , and now hes offline (and you are op :D) you can change the settings by typing /mob change wolf 1 (you have to stand in the area with shown area marks). than all the pigs disapear and some wolves will spawn.

    So here the command list so far:

    • /mob [hide/show] to hide/show the areal borders
    • /mob [create/change/delete] [mobtype(s)] [area nr.] [(optional)Config.txt nr.]
    • /mob delete all
    Note: you can define in a Config.txt the loot and the life and dmg and the "mind" like agressive or neutral 'n' stuff :d

    And here a screenshots for my little scenario with the river ;D View attachment 7009 I build this in a few min in creative. :)

    And again an small Uptate by me for the sens of the Config.txt.
    An Example
    I found an nice Plugin with an free API named CrowdControl. I thing they have made cool things with the dmg of mobs and stuff :D
    Any other ideas for the config ?

    EDIT: Jeha I forgott the loot in the config.txt

    I have the feeling that this is not realy understanable... :I
    Feel free to left an commant and i will explain it ..

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    SORRY :L
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    What ? :D
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    To late
    Virtualium is this dead?
    Well I don't really want it >.> :p
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    The attacking wouldn't work, since 1.2.5/1.2.4 or some build near there setTarget is totally broken. So, essentialy the pig couldn't target the player unless it was his natural instinct to attack players. Also, it is very hard to code a mob to go to a place. They're just random. You cant force a pig to follow path X Y Z because he will go wandering somewhere else. All-in-all, great idea but lets wait for setTarget fixed. If its fixed in the near future, I'll code this for you no problem.
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    Yea sounds good, and with 1.4 there will be new zombie mobs and such, and you can set up baby mobs as like the newby area right out of town, and then the bigger mobs the farther you get out(just like a normal rpg mmo).
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    Hey cool :) Im not dead and its cool to see something moving here. (But if you mean that the plugin in development died your right .. )

    I also have a mor doable thing here ^^

    Greez Virtuu

    PS: I want to learn how to create Plugins in Java :D So that i dont have to request everything here , caues i have big plans for a roleplay server :D WITH SO COOL QUEST SYSTEM (wich not exist atm xD)

    The feeling of a normal MMO is exacly the goal, and to be able to setup quests like "Hey Man, my wife is sick and i need some XY to brew a medicine. Go to XYZ and kill 10 of the pigs. I hate them ! Leftclick to accept, Rightclick to deny."

    Or something smilar :)

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    Usin spout to use custom sounds and textures would be awesome
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    Yo :D Its a cool Idea :D
    Its just the question if you can add sounds with spout ?
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    I think you can
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