Right click with slime = recieve gift

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Barinade, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a plugin that gives you a random item (from a list, details below) when you rightclick with a slime in your hand

    There should be 100% chance to get an item, but very low chance to receive a rare item:

    99% get iron ingot
    1% get diamond

    ^ config document

    Multiple items would be nice, too

    49%% to get 1 iron ingot,
    30% to get 2 iron ingots,
    20% to get 3 iron ingots,
    1% to get 1 diamond

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading :)
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    Looks like fun! If I only knew how to let things go random..
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    Hi Barinade,

    so you would like to have a plugin which generates gifts/presents by a given chance (configuration).
    Did i get it right?

    Maybe if nobody already did something like a "Gift-System" the time wouldnt be worst.
    So give me feedback if you really want it this way.

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    There are some games where monsters drop pearls, you crack the pearl open and get a gift

    Basically the same thing, but the gift will be slime-covered. :p

    I'd also like something that says:
    "You just got a slime ball! You have X slime balls in your inventory now."

    When you pick up a slime

    But yeah, 100% chance to get a gift when rightclicking and holding a slime ball.
    Maybe it could say in chat what gift you got.

    The way this would probably made is picking one of the gift items at random from the list but that won't work

    If you only have 3 items in the list, one being diamond, then you have 33% chance to get a diamond.
    I don't want that.

    I want the chance to get something specific configurable but I want people to always get something when using a slime. Maybe even a small percentage to get nothing, but not that common.

    Another way you could do it is to pick the item at random then determine if they get it or not. Like 33% chance to get the chance to recieve a diamond, but then you have a 3% chance to actually get it. If you don't get it then it re-rolls for another gift.
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    Seems like the slime then would be a infinite spring of cheepness. But however in a MMORPG standpoint, pesky slimes do like to gnaw and swallow odd items. So my only stickler request to realism is that the slime dies upon you pulling out a slimy iron bar from it's digestive track.
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    We have lowered the drop rate of slime balls from slimes a noticeable amount with the DropBonus mod.
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    That'd be nice for mods allowing you to change what enemies drop. So for example you could make a zombie drop slimes (0-2) and when you right click with the slime it takes one away and gives you a random currency. could be good for gifts, money, etc on RPGs.
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    don't know if you can use slimes, since sometimes slimes are there but don't actually exist due to a cache issue or something.
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    Not the NPC, I mean the slime ball that you get from them

    Right click anything/anywhere while holding a slime = receive item

    Edit: iConomy capable would be awesome :)
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    Bump maybe?
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    I don't think this would be that hard, just so we are clear on everything, you want: right click with slime, you lose one slime and then it will give you a random item, from a configurable file.

    I'm thinking for a file format of something like this:
    and so on?

    EDIT: I went ahead and did this. If it wasn't what you are looking for it should be easy enough to change. I'll attach what I have so far. The gifts.txt file is in my craftbukkit directory.

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    Jm Erestain

    Lol good idea but for what event in an SMP?
    (just asking no offence ^_^)
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    I assume your asking what event you can hook on to get slime right click? I used the onPlayerItem event to get this then I just checked the item in hand for a slime ball. The code is included in the jar file inside the zip I uploaded if you are interested.
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    Jm Erestain

    oh... i`ll try sometime
    it already works???
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    believe so, haven't done thorough testing.

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