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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by heyy_bbooii, Feb 18, 2021.

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    Okay I give up I’ve tried everything and at this point I just want a simple jar that I can put into my test server plugins on 1.16.4 that sends a simple message when you right click, idk what I’m doing wrong, first person to help me gets a kiss
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    Plugins can't add the ability so when you right click air it does something.
    They can only make it so if you right click something like a fence it does something.

    You can get this plugin: so if you right click a sign it can do anything (like /say hello)
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    That is not entirely correct. The Bukkit API's PlayerInteractEvent does not get thrown (or is cancelled by default) when right clicking with an empty hand. I do not remember if it gets thrown at all or if it is just cancelled by default if that is the case. You can get a right click in the air with an item in your hand or any left clicks without a problem.
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    Oh ok, I don't really know much about plugins :)
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