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    I have a plugin request!:)

    Im making an MMORPG-server, and i need a plugin to make it work just like i want it to do!:)
    In every MMORGP games, you have quest's like "mine 10 irone ores", and the ores will respawn at the same location in a matter of sconds and minutes, and thats why i need this plugin:

    A plugin that will respawn Ores, Trees (you name it)! :D

    I hope someone could take the time to make this for me!

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    SideKick my plugin has mini game mods and stuff in it! It has Like Gambling, Economy Made from Scratch and RealSurvival which is pretty much realistic mode, idk if its just like you want but its still fun! + more
  3. Its not what he whants! He need a plugin that make blocks come back if they are destroyd, after a configed time! (the block also needs to drop item)!
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    Whats an RGP :oops:
    Like an MMORGP?
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    RPG = Role Playing Game
    MMORGP = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
    so yes, like an MMORPG :)
  6. Fail for not understanding Zaros' sarcasm. :p
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    Just doing my job folks. :cool:

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