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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KerrodPage, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I have no knowledge with anything to do with Plugins, i suck at computers and everything, but i really think it would be cool to make a plugin. I have no knowledge in how to code things to make the plugin work, i'd just be the idea person.

    This is how it should work:

    When we have wool is only comes in 16 specific colours: all of which are plain and you can never make anything descent out of them. However with RGB Wool you can make any colour in the RGB spectrum. (Forgive me for my mistakes if i make any, not really a technological person).

    By simply highlighting/or selecting a peice of wool in your inventroy and maybe typing a simple command you can change the colour of the wool to the RGB values you specified.

    Was thinging of a command like this:

    /RGB [Rvalue] [Gvalue] [Bvalue]

    then it simply changed the wool to that colour.

    Was wondering if something like this is possible?

    Please let me know - pm me or comment on this post :)
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    This is not possible to do. The 16 current wool colors are hard-coded into the game, each having its own unique texture. There is no functionality to produce custom wool colors.
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    It's not possible without a client mod
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    client mod?
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    Hmm, This would be hard, but you could just have it as standard wool, and if its in a hashmap, with spout, a texture is generated on a certain RGB, and set to the texture of wool
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    For said plugin to work, users would have to install a client mod to experience the effects of the plugin :3
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    i agree
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    So it is possible - but really hard. And people would need a special client to see it. hmm anyone up to the challange lol?
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    Ok to clear up all the confusion... One word "Spout."

    I hate seeing all these "Not Possible" posts when we really have no limitations for what a plugin can do. Yes this is possible, Yes it can be done with a client mod, And yes, Sometime in the future there will be a plugin that can do this with Spout.

    Now also, this thread is better suited for the Plugin Request thread instead of the development thread where people are supposed to come and look for help with plugin development. Great idea, wrong placement ^_^
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    Not so much that it's super hard, but that it's very inconvenient for players on the server.
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    To clarify, it is possible. Though not without something like spout (which requires a client mod for the users).
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    spout doesn't necessarily require a client mod just the spout plugin and they are(if i heard correctly) working on a way to make it so that people can add their own sprites but it is still in development.
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    Spout does not, however, features that affect the client (like GUI changing, music etc, pretty much everything that is not possible with a normal plugin right now) can only be done with spoutcraft, which is not directly a modification of minecraft, but a full new installation of minecraft, with more features. You get a new launcher and it's still possible to use the unmodded minecraft using the normal launcher.
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