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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Apostille, Jul 7, 2023.

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    Version 1.20
    Version: Java Edition
    Need By: As soon as possible
    General Info: When a player clicks the sign they are given a reward, then teleported

    /rts reload
    Reloads the config files
    /rts give (player) (amount)
    Gives the (player) x amount of reward teleport signs
    /rts destroy enable/disable
    When a player clicks the sign, when teleported the sign could be destroyed (so one use only) or stay

    Creation Process w/Commands
    /rts create (signname)
    A stick named "Rewards, Teleport Signs" is given to you, left click with the stick on the rts sign and
    from here on out you can edit the sign to do whatever you want (in config)

    Successful Use of /rts create feedback:
    "You have successfully created a RTS Sign!"
    Failure use of /rts create feedback:
    "Sign Creation Failure, check console or config"

    In config:

    name: example1
    enabled: true/false
    destroy: true/false

    reward command: 'command here'
    Teleport Command: 'command here'

    i would appreciate the help
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    Please read the usages section in order to understand how the plugin works. Use the commands node when configuring clickable blocks for rewarding the player, teleporting the player and setting the block to air, as these functionalities were not implemented individually.
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