Revert to "last save"?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Fyro956, Jan 16, 2012.

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    It may seem a bit misleading, but I couldn't find a plugin that does what I needed. I don't know if there IS a way to do it.

    I started a new world, did some changes via Creative Mode, small huts, torches here n' there, chests with stuff in it and a giant castle. I want to add Monster Apocalypse plugin, with the zombies able to dig through. However, when no players are in the world, I want it to revert to how I last saved it. Not revert back to its original state. Not sure if I'm making myself clear...

    Any help would be awesome. @_@;;
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    You want it to revert back the zombies damage? Or players too?
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    No no. I want to revert the world back undamaged.
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    The easiest thing to do would be copy the undamaged world folder and re-paste it yourself. However, you've got a couple other options if you don't want to wait for a plugin made specifically for this: (you'll have to wait for a group update, because at the moment, the "challenge map" is 1 player) (if you can configure it correctly, this would probably be the best. I would suggest placing the flags in unreachable locations so that the game of CTF doesn't end until everyone leaves, at which point everything in the arena will reset. Of course, player's will have to join the arena when they join your server)

    Neither of these fixes would be ideal, because they weren't made for what you're asking, but they are both excellent plugins and the correct configuration might work very nicely...

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