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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Caiden132, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Hello, everyone!

    I'm very excited to get back into Minecraft after being away for... years. I think 2014?
    Either way, I am hosting a small server for about 10 people and would love some input from you all on suggested plugins!

    - I'm already using Magic to add a magic system.
    - McMMO to add some depth to progression
    - Shopkeepers for economy

    1. Is there an up to date plugin that enables some sort of Death Chest?
    2. Is there a plugin that lets me edit monsters or their spawns?
    3. Something to make days longer would also be awesome!
    I tried to get Monster Apocalypse working but it was a no go.
    Infernal Mobs was awesome but it constantly crashed our server.
    Better Mob AI looks exactly like what we want but for some reason, it doesn't load. It says something about a version mismatch. If there's any way to get this to work, I would love some advice!

    Anything extra you folks want to recommend, I'm all ears! Anything that adds some depth or mixes up standard Minecraft gameplay without being complicated.
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    If you need a custom dev or anything like that, I'll take the job :p, other then that I don't really keep up with plugins. Is death chest something like when they die they spawn a chest with all the stuff in their inventory inside?
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    That would be amazing! Thank you for replying.

    Death Chest is when someone dies, a chest with all their gubbins drops instead of a mass of random items.

    That would be nice to have, but not hugely important.

    Honestly, the last plugin I would love is one that lets me change the length of day and night.

    If you're willing to create something like that, I would be eternally grateful!
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