Restricting Plugins to certain Worlds

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Roujo, May 14, 2011.

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    My server has different types of players with different views on what's fun in MineCraft. There are Builders, who play in peaceful mode, and Explorers, who get a thrill out of building outposts in the wilderness and fighting off waves of monsters. I've been able to cater to both of these group so far by having a peaceful "Creative" world and a monster-filled "Survival" world. Since the groups also overlap - I like playing both these play styles depending on my mood -, it allowed people to choose what they'd like to do on a particular play session.

    The more I explore Bukkit and its plugins, the more I realize that the Explorers would get a kick out of RPG plugins. That kind of plugin might disrupt the Builder's gameplay, though. For example, limiting the use of Tools to people who have a certain level would be nice, but then it would force the Builders to grind the levels necessary to get back to Diamond Tools.

    Is it possible to choose in which worlds a plugin should be active? I'll resort to editing Source Code if I have to, but I'm wondering if there's a better way. I'm using MultiVerse to handle my worlds, if it matters.

    ~ Roujo
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    I've found Server Port, which seems nice. =) I have limited ressources, though, so running two separate servers isn't a good option for me. Plus, I want some plugins to be shared - Dynmap and RuneCraft come to mind.

    I'll look into the Permissions option, it sounds like a good idea. I wish it was possible to disable/enable plugins on a Per World basis, though. Thanks! =)
    ~ Roujo
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    I would like a simple way to completely disable plugins per world as well.
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    With the new updates coming up, something like this would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!
    Also, permissions are hard to set up and unnecessary on my server that only about 10 ppl use
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    Some plugins have configs per world(lytree), others can be done with permissions.

    Else, find out how to promote the builders within that rpg plugin, there has to be a way.
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    But what if you just want to disable certain plugins on certain worlds?
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    What I posted are the workarounds, aka: the options you get.
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