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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by magranger16, Aug 18, 2012.

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    My friend had the idea to make a restraining order plugin, but we cant code so if u think u can do it feel free.
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    Could you give a lot more details?
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    Would it warn the restrainer, restrained, or admins/mods?
    Or would it just keep them from being able to even go in that area?
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    hey im the guy who came up with the idea and it would be you do /restrain [player] and if he grief you alot you could keep him 50 blocks away from you
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    this would be completely abused.
    enter someone's house, restrain them, then they can't stop you from griefing.
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    True, however you could set it with permissions so only 'trusted' members could use it. Additionally, it would probably be best to add an approval system. Where admins would get a notification of all pending restraining orders, review the people in question, and deny or approve it.
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    Please give a few more details.
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    basically he just wants a way to keep specific players away from other players for x amount of time and x blocks away.

    Ill take this request. If you think you can finish this quicker then me then have at it.

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