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    So I found an outdated plugin that allowed you to code into the Bukkit API without reuploading or recompiling a new plugin every time and the changes take effect immediately, i spent a little while updating it and i think it came out quite good, you can also connect to it with telnet, so you have have your server being hosted by a hosting company and just run: telnet -a [ip] [port] and put the password defined in the config in,

    To install drag the Bukkitconsole.jar into your plugins folder,
    where your server java is locatoin create a folder named 'lib'

    drag the jython-*.jar and the bukkit-*.jar into the folder

    and then start your server, you should get something that looks like this that starts with your console:

    to start using it run these commands:
    - import org.bukkit
    - from org.bukkit import Bukkit

    this is in python so its not exactly like java,
    heres some example code:

    >>> import org.bukkit.Material
    >>> def cutHole(player):
    ...    b = player.getTargetBlock(None, 10)
    ...    loc = b.getLocation()
    ...    loc.getBlock().setType(org.bukkit.Material.AIR)
    ...    loc.setY(loc.getY() - 1)
    ...    loc.getBlock().setType(org.bukkit.Material.AIR)
    to use this code:
    >>> coolPlayer = Bukkit.getPlayer("CoolPlayer")
    >>> cutHole(coolPlayer)
    You cant touch the up,down,left, or right arrow keys in the console while typing, and sometimes backspace will mess it up,

    To enable Telnet for remote access to console: Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn windows feature on or off -> Select Telnet Client and click apply


    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="#333333">More information can be found on </font><font color="#4183c4">this blog post</font><font color="#333333">.</font>

    Outdated GITHUB: https://github.com/Macuyiko/minecraft-bukkit-console

    Credit to outdated plugin:
    <font color="#4183c4">Macuyiko</font>

    If you have any problems or questions message me below!
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