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    Plugin category: Administrator , Informational

    Suggested name: Player-Log

    A bit about me: I run a small localized server with people in my community who like to build, and ever since i was a kid i loved Lego until this day i still do and i still have my old Lego pieces in my boxes, and since a friend told me about Minecraft i saw a Lego based sandbox game, and since then i loved it and like running a personal server that people can contribute, it reminds me of back in the Lego days. ^_^

    What I want:
    A Admin based plugin that allows admins and host's who have the permissions look at the players log file in-game and the server to automatically log all players that log-into the server and keeps information such as:

    Player's IGN
    Last login

    So that admins that have access in-game to the players information and can permanently ban players from server, but info wont be broadcasted into the server chat of obvious reasons.
    kinda like a format like this for in-game

    &d <player-name> &e Last login &6 <D/M/Y> <24hrs> &9 Ip-Adress &1 <>

    Also the plugin will keep file of all players who loged-in into their own .txt file, if possible such as in /plugins/playerlog/apples.txt
    The config.yaml can be changed for color variance although this is optional



    Apples Last login 24/5/12 2030hrs ip-adress

    In the log file

    Last login: 24/5/12 2030hrs

    Ideas for commands:
    /playerinfo <playername> - shows info as shown above

    Ideas for permissions:
    Im not sure about this, can be open for discussion and i can only list a few examples.


    When I'd like it by: As soon a possible. however i am very lenient and can set a deadline, aslong as it will be delivered as suggested.
    I'll bump it if so necessary.

    Similar plugin requests: My last one that is not formatted.

    Extra note:
    If there is a plugin that already exists send me a link to it and i will reward you with a cookie. =D
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    if your need is mainly through ban people that come to the server, grief/spam and then leave (so you cannot ban them), there's already a part of CommandsEX plugin that can help you in that

    however, if you're looking for a statistical plugin, then it's a different kind of stuff
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    No zathrus im looking for a logging plugin as said above, the banning and perma-ban is all sorted by voxelguest, permissionsex, and i have a slightly strict hierarchy.


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    Thank you very much nighteyes604 i did not even see this.
    Cookie for you =D
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    Darn it does not work for 1.2.5
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    It should work for 1.2.5. What error(s) are you getting?
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    Oh i am blind i didn't realize that it was for ipnotify not iplog, maaah bad.

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