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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Windwaker, May 26, 2011.

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    Are maps working for you guys on b812? Because whenever I try to use one I just get kicked and it says "Internal Server Error"
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    That Error happens to me too.
    I think its because you warped to another point and then the server is getting confused when trying to load the map(item).
    Please fix this, its really annoying :)
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    I also found that I can view my map in the nether without a problem but if I use it in the NORMAL world I get this error. Maybe an @EvilSeph tag would be appropriate to shed some light on this ;)
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    I can load my map wherever i am, no errors or something
    maybe its something due to being alone on the server? or were you alone too?
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    I was not alone... You know what...

    Yep... just tested it... it's essentials... I probably shouldn't be using it anyways... but I kinda need it.
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    I'm getting the problem both with the newest build of Bukkit as well as the vanilla minecraft server. It only happens in a specific area though.

    I can wander around everywhere else on the map to my heart's content, but the second I cross some weird invisible boundary around a certain coordinate, I get kicked. Same thing happens when I go to the general area and bring out the map.

    I replicated the problem both completely alone on the server and with two others on.

    No idea what is going on, but it's obviously not a specific plugin if I can replicate it in vanilla.

    Edit: Figured out the bug - an industrious user on my server had dug a hole straight down into the ground and, somehow, found a hole to the void. The map crashed every time it tried to map the block of void.
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    Oh. That sounds like a serious issue... uh oh
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