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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Acolytes, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I am using residence plugin, I'm trying to create an area vip with residence now, i have try with gates (i dont know edit permissions to vip can pass in specific gate....)

    i have made a residence "VIP" and tryied the command:
    "/res set move false
    "/res gset VIP vip30 move true
    (/res gset <ResidenceName> [GroupName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different groups)


    i have made vip30 with pex permissions:
    prefix: '[&aVIP&f]'
    - residence.create
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.delhome
    - essentials.sethome.multiple.unlimited
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.suicide
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.list
    - iConomy.access
    - iConomy.rank
    - iConomy.payment
    - iConomy.list
    - essentials.ignore
    - essentials.kit.vip30
    - essentials.kit
    - essentials.mail
    - essentials.mail.send
    - modifyworld.*


    "g Commands
    • /res gset <ResidenceName> [GroupName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different groups
    • /res lset <ResidenceName> [blacklist/ignorelist] [material] - add/remove a material from the residence's blacklist / ignorelist.
    • /res lset <ResidenceName> info - list the Residence's blacklist/ignorelist settings.
    • /res pset <ResidenceName> [PlayerName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different players
    • /res set <ResidenceName> [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on residences."
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