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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FitzyPvP, Jan 23, 2020.

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    Plugin category: (idk)

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: TopKillsHolo

    What I want: A plugin/placeholder where I can use a hologram plugin to list the top 10 kills on my server.

    Ideas for commands: Well it would have to be compatible with a hologram plugin, so i'd use those commands and just add the topkill placeholder.

    Ideas for permissions: topkills.kills

    When I'd like it by: I dont mind. But nothing over a week.

    For example:

    Here is what it would look like. I just made this holo as an example. None of those stats are correct. But that would be what it would look like. Except with the top 10.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @FitzyPvP How do you set it up? Permissions? Commands? Server version?
    Please use the suggested format in the "read me first"
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    Apologies. Ill edit it.


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    @Sploon Don't mean to be bossy or anything but please tag the user. Makes things a lot quicker for them so they don't wait days :D
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    @Xp10d3 don't you get notifications when someone replies to your thread?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Only if they turned that on.
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    Ye what Tim said. Just saying :) Makes their life a bit easier.
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