Requesting Showcase (Original) 1.3.1 Update

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Dark_Zada, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I have realized that the Request guide has stated not to modify current plugins. Unfortunately, NarrowTux has abandoned the Showcase scene. This is why im requesting that the original showcase (NOT SHOWCASESTANDALONE) is to be updated to 1.3.1 (I understand that some very common plugins have not been updated to 1.3.1) If someone could atleast try, anything would be great. (Showcase original is the one where you shift and right click with an item and it creates a show) A person in Narrowtux's thread made an update for 1.2.5, but hasnt logged on in 3 months. I'll upload the 1.2.5 compatible jar to the post

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    Well as far as 1.3 Builds have no rb yet i just compiled it with the latest rb 5.0:
    Its a fully working cloned Version of Showcase. I didnt changed alot, just removed the Spout Plugin depency, because i was too lazy to download Spout. I added Narrowtux Lib into the Zip. I planned to improve Showcase for my own non-public Server. (For example remove NarrowtuxLib etc... and maybe add a dynamic Module System as i implemented in MCbb(One of my Plugins) )
    Here is the Download Link:
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    The RB build is out now. Is there any way to update? Because now you can't even sell items that you cant place on the half slabs (seeds,food,emeralds,etc)
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    Awesome :D
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    Why can't you use ShowcaseStandalone? :confused:
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    ShowcaseStandalone in 1.3.1 doesnt allow unlimited shops, and just seems much more complicated than original. And showcase is so simple and awesome. So can someone please update? 1.3.1 RB is out, and im a coding noob.
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    Honestly, just figure out ShowcaseStandalone. Its a perfectly good plugin and has all of the features of Showcase+more.
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    Yes but i cant sell ifinite shops to players

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