Requesting Developer For A Few Plugins!

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    I'm currently looking for a developer or two would would help to develop the following plugins for my server, if you would like more information about everything please PM me and we can talk about it from there.

    1. OnlineShops
    On our website we allow our users to rent shops in the spawn, which are then set up by the staff later. This system works ok, however I want a way to allow admins to check for shops which they need to set up in-game.

    So what I would like you to make is a plugin which can list all the shops showing the following information (/market list #)
    Store ID:Owners IGN:Store Name
    This would be green if it has been set up (a row in the table says if it is or not) or red if it hasnt been set up.

    Get more information about the shop (/market info [id])
    This will show the following information, again this would be green if it has been set up or red if it hasnt been set up:
    "Store ID" rented by "Owner IGN"
    Name: "Store Name"
    Dates: "Starting date" - "Closing date"
    Walls: "Store Walls"
    Floor: "Store Floor"
    Cost: "Store Cost"

    A command to say that you have set it up (/market setup [id])
    This will just update the table row and changing the value to "YES"

    All this information would be pulled from the table, in the database if you are interested please PM me and I can sent you the layout for the table.

    There must also be permissions support, so only staff can use it.

    2. DefaultResponses

    On our server we get asked a lot of questions over and over, so I would like a plugin which will allow for "canned" responses, this can either be managed via mysql or a config file.

    Typing "/answer list #" would list all the responses.

    Lets say there is a response which has the tag "apply" and the message "To apply for membership visit our website at"
    Typing "/answer apply" would send that message, it must also support colour codes AND also a cool down time for that message, so if 5 staff members type that command, it doesnt spam the chat and only says it once.

    There must also be permissions support, so only staff can use it.



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    I could do the first one for you, sounds easy enough. Just pm me.
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    PMed. Anyone for the second?
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    For the second one would it not be easier to have something that when the player says something that you have set in a config file let's say "How's the weather?" It will reply personally with the response it would be easier on your staff too. I have seen this done before.

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