[Request] Wool Mix-Up Mini-Game

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    I would be very grateful for anyone who could make this plugin for me. I would like it to have the following features: have a floor of randomly generated wool colors. fill the players inventory with a colored wool. They have to stand on that color and all of the floor would fall except that color wool. I would like this plugin to be fairly simple and having the following commands:
    /wool create (arena)
    /wool addfloor (arena)
    /wool join (arena)
    /wool leave (arena)
    /wool spectate
    /wool prize(Money, Items, Rank)
    /wool setspawn (arena)
    /wool setspectate (arena)
    /wool settings (arena) (chances, time between each floor drop, respawns)
    /wool stats
    Please If Anyone could help with the creation of this plugin I would be very grateful and would give all the credit on my server to the creator please help and thanks!
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