[Request] Will cross server teleport portals be possible with bukkit?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ChadTheDJ, Jan 6, 2011.


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    I know that before it was not possible with hey0 mod but will there be a way create a portal to teleport to another local server (like switch between survival and creative). Inventory should not carry over but its something that I always wanted to have for my setup. The far I have seen a plugin has gone to create one was it kicked you and told you the IP address. Also another idea is that I would like to partner with other servers to "link" them together and make them like "mineports" (get it?) to the Minecraft Universe. Would be AMAZING!

    Will there be hope?
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    The only way to allow a seamless portal to another server is through client modification, which the hey0 plugin you are referring to has (I think, I never used it myself).
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    Yes, cross server teleports would require the client to support it more than the server. However, I believe that multiple worlds per server are an idea and notch will probably be implementing it for the nether.
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    The question is if you can control what commands you can do within each world. Still would be cool but I would love to find a way to. Maybe a plugin can help with that since we cannot have true server to server portals.
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    Notch has specifically stated that this will be a built in feature.
  6. We know that, What Chad wants to know if Bukkit/Craftbukkit will deem it possible to-do so without a update from Notch.
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    i know hmod had it via plugin (Server Port), but to have it work seamlessly you needed a client mod as well
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    if you allow switching worlds, you could add hacky inter-server communication by having them proxy each other

    likely to be laggy as crap, but should be possible to an extent.

    Note: it's 5am, if this all sounds like nonsense merely ig-ZZZZZzzzzzzz-*thump*-nore it.

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