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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MrDice, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Well i was wondering if someone could make a listener that messages the player and tells them it does not see that they voted for the server today, and reminds them to vote. And when they have voted is stops sending them the message. If you dont get what im asking for i could try to explain a little more. Thanks!
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    So you want a listener which spams a player to vote and wont stop till they do?
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    I'd like this aswell, we need to be able to define the interval.
    Using votifier
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    lol, yes kind of like this, like it makes a log of players vote, and if they have voted on one site it will stop sending the message, but if they havent voted yet it sends them a message every 2 mins or so untill the do! :D
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    Although the owner should be able to do what they want, things like this i avoid, giving the owner tools to spam users who don't vote will never end good. All of your members will end up leaving.
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    Not necessarily. And 'spam' is a tad much. I don't consider sending the message "Please vote and support our server" every five minutes our so to be "spam".

    The fact is that people don't vote, whether it be out of laziness or forgetfulness. If they're lazy, they'll be "spammed" by this message, and that might encourage them. If they forget... Well, that's the main point of this. :p
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    Myself personally would leave that server 10 minutes after those messages began happening because making my playing experience less in order to get me to do something just to make it better is stupid. Thats like requiring a 5 dollar donation to use /home...
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    No one is forcing you to create or agree with this listener -_-

    I do understand what you mean. This could be hurtful to small servers with a limited player base. But if you run a larger server, this would be extremely beneficial.

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