[REQUEST]Vita-Chamber Style Spawning w/ Iconomy support

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    The group at my server have been wanting to do something on a larger scale for a while, with a full scale economy, player run city system, and to try and do that while keeping the server survival natured. Our admins have upgraded our server hardware, and drawn up plans on how to do that. What we haven't been able to find, however, is a way to do dynamic spawn points like we'd like to. When you make a survival server with a static spawn, we've noticed that, with a few exceptions, everything crowds up around the spawn, with people wanting to be as close to that as possible.

    We tried to solve that with teleporters and warps. However, once you have enough people, the idea of a central warp room with warps to established destinations becomes difficult, and stargate based warps seem overly complex for what we're trying to do.

    We plan to have a central capital city, and then other, player established cities dotting the map around it. These cities are established via a yet-to-be-decided (due to the relative unknown nature of which will be best after bukkit ports) town plugin, but once they've been established, they're added to a queue to have an admin go to the town and establish for them a vita-chamber (we haven't named them yet, but I currently call them vita-chambers because most people have played bioshock). Now there are two models that we've looked at on how to do this. I think Option A would be easier to code with my notably limited experience doing these kinds of plugins, but I could see real potential in a plugin that does either or both of these:

    A: The vita chambers are "active" and have to be used. The chamber itself has a button on it that, when pressed, sets that chamber as the user's "active" chamber. Whenever the player dies, they are reborn at the last vita chamber they activated, and a percentage fee is deducted from their iconomy account. This is our ideal method. It means that players don't have to worry about dying and ending up back at the capital city, but there is also a consequence for dying.

    B: The vita chambers are passive, and have no real interface. When a player dies, they are reborn at the nearest vita chamber. Percentage fee deducted from their Iconomy balance.

    Things we haven't really considered at all is the actual look of the vita chambers, though i could also see a system, especially with B, where the chamber is just a marked place similar to a cuboid area, such that the town in question could decorate the chamber however they'd like. If anyone is willing to undertake this project, or suggest a project that has the potential to offer this functionality, I would be eternally grateful.

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