[REQUEST] Turf Wars Mini-Game

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Do yoy think this Mini-Game would be fun?

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    I think this plugin would be very fun if you have played on mineplex they have a plugin just like this but I believe it is a custom plugin and I love this mini-game but there isn't one as far as I know so if anyone could make this plugin I would be very grateful I would like the plugin to have the following features: you can make classes in the config and have one of the default classes be a marksman start out with a bow and give arrows randomly (1 or 2 every three seconds) all players in game get 64 wool of there teams color wool (red or blue) to build up barriers with the wool and when you shoot the other teams barriers the wool gets removed and a building time gets randomly put up of 30 seconds when you cant hit the other players but you can not die you just respawn and have unlimited lives I would like the round times to configurable and would like to have join signs I also would like to have it announce the winner of the game and have a scoreboard on the side showing which team is winning. I would like it to have the following commands:
    /tw create (arena)
    /tw join (arena)
    /tw blue
    /tw red
    /tw classes
    /tw select (class)
    /tw setspawnblue
    /tw setspawnred
    /tw setwaiting
    /tw stats (show players stats)
    I think this plugin could make it very far because I know many people who are looking for a olgin just like this so if anyone could make this plugin that would be great and thanks for your time!!
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    Ahem, yes please
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    Masterflapdrol Dat bump tho
    DBawesomeness17 I don't think anyone would make this for you out of 'the goodness of their hearts', unless something that wasn't allowed here was done, but don't do that, because it's not allowed

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