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    Very simple plugin im requesting

    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Payday or paycheck (unless its taken)

    What I want:
    A Config that Pays all Players X money every X ticks or seconds
    Pays Online AND offline players
    pays in economy
    Sends a customable message to all players when its payday!

    Ideas for commands:
    /paycheck time (shows the time until the next payday)
    /paycheck income (Shows the amount of money earned every X ticks or seconds)
    /paycheck reload

    Ideas for config:

    PayDelay-seconds: XXXX
    PayAmount: XXXX
    Pay-Message: Payday! You have earned {amount}

    Ideas for permissions:
    paycheck.admin (access to all)

    When I'd like it by: today or tomorrow plz :)
    I dont mind waiting longer though
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    I think this plugin has already been made, or one very similar, search the plugin list and get back to me if it hasnt been made and ill be happy to help :)
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