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    EDIT: Crap, I mis-read the "What Plugins Can't Do" thread as "What Plugins *CAN* Do" so I thought making a new weapon was possible. Since it is not, I withdraw the request. Sorry for wasting space, move along, nothing to see here :eek:

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: SimpleJedi

    A bit about me: I'm a fairly new MC player, and I run a small private server for a small group of friends. I love CraftBukkit and use a handful of really great plugins from here, including mcMMO, SafeCreeper, MyHome and Compassionate. Keep up the awesome work, guys :)

    What I want: I have an idea for a really simple Jedi plugin. I want to be able to build a lightsaber out of four iron ingots, two gold ingots, one obsidian, one [redstone/lapis/ender pearl] and one diamond. In the crafting table, it'll look like this:

    G D G
    I x I
    I O I
    Where x is either the Redstone, Lapis or Ender Pearl

    The texture can be simple - Silver handle with gold hilt, color of the blade determined by Redstone, Lapis or Pearl (red, blue or purple, respectively).

    Here's the thing that'll make this plugin a little different from all the other lightsaber mods out there, though - having the lightsaber equipped gives you a "force push". I want the lightsaber to be a special item instead of just a super-powered sword, with both a left-click "sword" attack, but I want right-click to, instead of blocking, send the enemy flying back a few squares and damage for half a heart. The "force push" could have a refresh rate of a few seconds. In fact, it'd be nice if I could customize lightsaber damage, durability, force push damage and refresh (but not the knockback effect, since I imagine that'd be fairly complicated to work out) in a config file.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: I don't really need any permission settings, I trust all the people I play with

    When I'd like it by: No rush, but sometime soonish, I guess?

    Thanks for looking! :)

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