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    Plugin category: Teleportatin

    Suggested name: PersonalShops

    What I want: A plugin that could make personal warp for one player. I wanted to use this plugin so people could set a shop so people could teleport to their shop. I wanted people to be able to name their shops to their likings [WITHOUT chat formats such as &l&n&5 etc] and to be able to remove their shops when they don't need them.

    Ideas for commands:
    /shop [shopname]. teleport to [shopname]
    /setshop [shopname]. Set a shop named [shopname]
    /shoplist or /shops. view lists of shops with [shopname] and the maker of the shop
    /delshop. Remove the shop the player has make
    /delshop [shopname]. An admin command to delete others' shop
    /shop reload. Reloads the configs

    Ideas for permissions: [teleport to people's shop]
    personalshop.setshop [make shops] [list all the shops]
    personalshop.delshop [delete own shop]
    personalshop.delshop.admin [delete players' shop]
    personalshop.reload [reloads the plugin]

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Thank you for reading my request. Thanks in advance and I hope that this plugin is not hard
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    have you tried like a blackmarket plugin?
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    There is no Blackmarket plugin.

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