[REQUEST] Saying "Its broke" doesnt help solve the issue.

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by feverdream, Jan 16, 2011.

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    As myself and other plugin developers have experienced, sometimes things will happen when despite the great care and effort we take in the release of our plugins something will go wrong and invariably, when this happens somebody will post something that looks a lot like the following:

    The problem with this sort of post is that even if we know what you mean it still doesn't help us solve the problem. We as develpers are only human; we can not read your mind (That hook is not added yet) and in the end, we cant help you unless you help us do so.

    So what do we need?

    At minimum the following should be included in all "hey, it doesnt work" style posts or replies to the hard working Plugin Developers who spend time away from their families, their kids, their cats, their wives, girlfriends, or even their mistresses to make your minecraft experience better..

    1. Include the Craftbukkit/Bukkit Build Numbers.
    2. Include a copy of any config files.
    3. Include a good description of any error output that you get.
    4. Include if you can a screenshot of the error. This alone will make the developer very interested in helping as it shows you care about his time and the effort he has put into making your life better.
    5. Read http://itscommonsensestupid.blogspot.com/2008/07/tips-to-write-good-bug-report.html at least 3 times.
    6. Read the topic to make sure your issue has not already been reported or fixed in an update.
    7. Remember that if a plugin works with version 57 of Bukkit in version 90 of Craftbukkit, but not with version 57 of Bukkit and version 91 of Craftbukkit (Same Bukkit Version, Different Craftbukkit version) the problem is in Craftbukkkit, not the Plugin!

    1. Use generic phrases like "it doesn't work in the current version". The "current version" is constantly changing and the build you may be thinking of may not be the build that just finished running that works fine.. and "it" is just not descriptive enough to be usefull.
    2. Rant or insult the developer. We are doing this out of the kindness of our hearts, so be kind or you may find your requests for help ignored, or worse.
    3. Expect the developer to support an old release of craftbukkit. A version one has not even been released yet so expecting him or her to support a version that is old and no longer relevant to the advancment of the project doesnt make sense.
    4. Forget to thank the developer for making the plugin in the thread they released it in if you like it.
    5. Treat bugs in CraftBukkit like bugs in Bukkit, or like bugs in a plugin. The plugin developers "job" or "obligation" to "fix things" stops at the Bukkit library. CraftBukkit just uses the bukkit library, and if the plugin works in one version of craftbukkit that uses the same version of bukkit as a version of craftbukkit that does not work as expected, the problem is in Craftbukkit and not the plugin developers plugin.

    If we all follow these rules, plugin releases should go smoother and the community will be better as a result.
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    I agree some PP so stupid XD
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    Is it possible with this forum software that we use here to create a form for bug report submission? The rules could be: Fill out the form entirely. If you skip a field, can't post. If you lie in a field (fill it in with "i dunno FIX PLEASE!!!1", etc) then your post gets deleted. 3 deletes and you're login/IP banned, including from Fill. Any insulting of developers, trash talking, rumor starting - IP/login banned. Come down hard on these clowns. There is no reason for the absolute trash I see on these forums, it makes me weep for humanity. It's just a GAME for God's sake.

    Ugh, I can't even post a suggestion without ranting about it. I've almost wanted to quit hosting my own server before it's even gotten off the ground if this is what I can expect from a userbase.
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    oh no the Troll be trolling a Troll...
    The world is gonna end..
    But serisouly its not trolling if if pointing something out... Readup what trolling is please and try to Pm me we dont need Arguing in here.
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    Stop downloading the latest version and saying it doesn't work with it.
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    Looks liek you dont wanna support the updates... If so why not wait till official release?
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    It would be great if we could get the mods updated for the same version, I mean this one is for build 66 this one is for build 76 and this one is for build 86 lol

    Can't get a server up and going unless you use a build of craftbukkit like 66 but then some mods are updated past that with no linkage to prior versions.
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    Updated oruginal post as people seem to be confused about what is and is not a bug in peoples plugins.
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    From the official FAQ #1, 'Where do I download bukkit/craftbukkit?' http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/faq-1-where-do-i-download-bukkit-craftbukkit.458/page-2#post-6994 the link given does not contain the build #. That makes it difficult for even well-intentioned users to tell you what build they are testing against. It would be nice if CraftBukkit would print the build # during its start script. Then, plugin writers could ask users to copy & paste the log, which would contain both CraftBukkit & the plugin versions.
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    If people are linking to unknown build numbers, thats terrible.
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    Anyone have a clue 'bout when bukkit is goin to be released??? What date? Or month? Or at least year???
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    I may be blind, but no-where in this thread does it tell you how to find out what version your currently using.
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    Wasn't sure where to leave a general Thank You to all you mod authors out there. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication. It must be extremely time-consuming and frustrating to try to keep up with such an aggressive development schedule. You are all doing a marvelous job in keeping things current and working as releases are churned out. To think that, in less than a week, there have been over 100 builds and most plugins are still working with the latest one is mind-boggling. (I find it quite a chore in just keeping my server up to date, let alone having to code for each update.) :) I, for one, am thoroughly impressed!

    So, thank you for so heartily contributing your time and effort to making one of the greatest sandbox games ever even more enjoyable to all its loyal fans!

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    People ask where do I download the correct one? (as I was lost to)
    Step 1> Click on the one you want(bukkit,craftbukkit,Scrapbukkit)
    Step 2 > choose the build number you would like? (65,66,114,67 etc)
    Step 3 > click on artifacts tab.
    Step 4> under user defined artifacts click on the jar and download and tada. Change the name to have the build number in the info.

    IF i'm wrong please correct me as im a newbie and found that is works for me.

    Is their anyway to add a quick click on the front page to stable builds? As it would help with the confusion of wtf do i download this. As a quick Google search sends you to a jar without a build number .
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