[REQUEST] Saying "Its broke" doesnt help solve the issue.

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by feverdream, Jan 16, 2011.

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    As myself and other plugin developers have experienced, sometimes things will happen when despite the great care and effort we take in the release of our plugins something will go wrong and invariably, when this happens somebody will post something that looks a lot like the following:

    The problem with this sort of post is that even if we know what you mean it still doesn't help us solve the problem. We as develpers are only human; we can not read your mind (That hook is not added yet) and in the end, we cant help you unless you help us do so.

    So what do we need?

    At minimum the following should be included in all "hey, it doesnt work" style posts or replies to the hard working Plugin Developers who spend time away from their families, their kids, their cats, their wives, girlfriends, or even their mistresses to make your minecraft experience better..

    1. Include the Craftbukkit/Bukkit Build Numbers.
    2. Include a copy of any config files.
    3. Include a good description of any error output that you get.
    4. Include if you can a screenshot of the error. This alone will make the developer very interested in helping as it shows you care about his time and the effort he has put into making your life better.
    5. Read http://itscommonsensestupid.blogspot.com/2008/07/tips-to-write-good-bug-report.html at least 3 times.
    6. Read the topic to make sure your issue has not already been reported or fixed in an update.
    7. Remember that if a plugin works with version 57 of Bukkit in version 90 of Craftbukkit, but not with version 57 of Bukkit and version 91 of Craftbukkit (Same Bukkit Version, Different Craftbukkit version) the problem is in Craftbukkkit, not the Plugin!

    1. Use generic phrases like "it doesn't work in the current version". The "current version" is constantly changing and the build you may be thinking of may not be the build that just finished running that works fine.. and "it" is just not descriptive enough to be usefull.
    2. Rant or insult the developer. We are doing this out of the kindness of our hearts, so be kind or you may find your requests for help ignored, or worse.
    3. Expect the developer to support an old release of craftbukkit. A version one has not even been released yet so expecting him or her to support a version that is old and no longer relevant to the advancment of the project doesnt make sense.
    4. Forget to thank the developer for making the plugin in the thread they released it in if you like it.
    5. Treat bugs in CraftBukkit like bugs in Bukkit, or like bugs in a plugin. The plugin developers "job" or "obligation" to "fix things" stops at the Bukkit library. CraftBukkit just uses the bukkit library, and if the plugin works in one version of craftbukkit that uses the same version of bukkit as a version of craftbukkit that does not work as expected, the problem is in Craftbukkit and not the plugin developers plugin.

    If we all follow these rules, plugin releases should go smoother and the community will be better as a result.
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    Thank you, Hopfully a Mod will Sticky this... its nto jsut developers that help other player but some us of sitll read the forums and try to help others too... and its just a waist of time for People to post "Doesnt Work Fix it" as if we know whats wrong it also makes them look like an idiot... not saying any one is.. But seriously its common sense that we dont know what NOT working by saying 2-6 words saying "Plugin Broken" "Doesnt work" "This plugin is fail, Doesnt Work"

    Do as Above Stated and people will read and Help and most likely be intrested in fixing this for future refrence so it does not occur again.
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    You should also say that people read the topic to see if anything else has reported the problem, but I support this topic.
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    I support it, it is a waste of my time and a panic to other users who use my plugin for someone to just put "Doesn't work".

    It needs good details about what doesn't work, errors, versions, etc.
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    Awesome post. Should help clean up the 'dont work' spam posts that are totally unhelpful in resolving the issue.
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    Hopefully with enough support from the community this will get stickied.
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    This post, ten points.
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    Wrong. People who post "HEEEAAALP!!!" usually don't bother to read such threads. So, nice but meh.
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    Good show. I agree with this 100%.
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    Include the Craftbukkit/Bukkit Build Numbers.

    Currently the number one reason for plugins not to work, either developed with old build or the user is using an old build. Wish people would pay attention to this one alot more.
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    Great post, 100% supported.

    While the Bukkit forums are not (yet) as bad as the minecraftforum.net server administration section, there's quite a few whiny pseudo-admins on here as well. Completely clueless as to how to run a server (minecraft or other), they obviously expect to download, unzip and click a Windows ".bat" file to make the magic happen.

    Taking the cake is that unfriendly "admin" claiming to have 100 (!) newcomers to his server per day (!) and complaining to the developer of the plug-in that it does not work like hmod did and that it is completely useless because of that.

    Clueless jerks like that should be excluded from posting to threads, imho.

    The patience of developers here is enormous : )
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    good idea i support this thread +10 points
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    Thanks! I'll use this when i am going to post a report!
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    *standing ovation*
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    Finally ! Now it only remains to wait for the people to read it.
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    People in general are just a stupid herd of idiots. No matter that single human is a very intelligent entity.

    So although I really appreciate this topic, it will not lessen the number of stupid threads by much :(
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    Is it only me having problems with figuring out what build I use? >w>

    I'm glad that this became sticky, it's annoying to have to read through pages of pages of comments/threads that complain about an error without even stating what the error is.
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    How can I tell which build version I have? Is there a way to tell after I've downloaded it? How do I tell which version is the newest? Thanks. I would really like to get all my mods working on the same version and provide you guys good information on bugs and other problems.
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    Not including the build number of the subject of the plugin is also not helping.
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    Can we possibly get Developers to Post what Build number it is updated for and the Llink for the build...
    For Build #(Number)
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    That's not always so easy. For example, MM technically works with the latest Bukkit builds, but because of a bug in CraftBukkit, doesn't work with the latest CraftBukkit builds. Confusing as hell.
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    It obviously doesnt work for latest build if its not working.. youre therory is Faulty.

    Its liek saying, My brain works for 10% of the time but it doesnt do anything.
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    It works with the current bukkit build, doesn't with the latest craftbukkit. There being two builds, for 2 projects add to the confusion. Plus, it's brokeness isn't in my control...
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    The Only Effect of build that Effects Plugins is Craftbukkit Build... That in mind. If it doesnt work its not meant for that build or isnt updated.. or something has gone horribly wrogn int he coding.
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    Oh, I know where the problem. It's a bug in CB. I've reported it. Now to wait. and wait...
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    Just report on what craftbukkit build your plugin is known to work on, if possible. Bukkit means nothing to us server admins, as we don't use it to run a server.

    As for your plugin not working, no worries. We can wait and wait along with you.
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    Would there be an option for a plugin or built into the core server class that lets you type say /version and get the current build number and time?
    I was looking at creating one but I dont think there is access to the version of the main server itself. It would more belong in the core. For now Going to the server and checking the build number in the repository but a server command would be good and make it much easier for including bugs.
  30. Awesome topic! I agree!
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