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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kylu19, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I am part of a minecraft server that is currently using a plugin or mod called Runecraft.
    It allows for use of magic inside of a Minecraft server. I would like to request that Bukkit look into adding this to their plugin list.
    Thank you

    P.S. If anyone likes this please leave a comment
  2. This the plugin were you draw the symbol on the ground isn't it?
    From what I can tell, most of the tech needed to do this plugin is in the API already. Unfortunatly I've never coded plugins before (I have experience in java, just never had to time to toy with plugins) and have exams coming up, but like I said the API is already in a state that would allow most of runecraft to work, and the rest of the API is still being coded so all functionality should be there eventually.

    I suggest you contact SuperLlama on minecraft forum, he seems to be the owner of runecraft, and ask him if he is porting it over to bukkit or not.
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    Yes it is the plugin where you draw symbols with blocks, redstone, and torches. And thank you for telling me who to talk to because it is a great plugin.
  4. He hates server mods so I doubt he will port it
  5. There was a plugin for hMod which had Runes. It was called something like HeyRunes(?) or NotRunecraft
    That plugin wasn't coded by SuperLlama, perhaps someone will do this again for Bukkit?
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  7. He's made two server mods himself... he definitely doesn't hate them...

    Anyway, SuperLlama is planning to port his work to either work along with bukkit or become part of bukkit. I'd assume work along with it because of the was the mod works though he was unclear on which.

    Anyway, bukkit isn't like hMod because it is just a plugin api for the minecraft server rather than also server management. Also, they're working on trying to make bukkit official in which case SuperLlama will probably use it to make his mod 3.0
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    Well, isnt it better to make a plugin for this rather than a mod? I think there is no need to make this a mod, but Llama always complained on his threads when people asked him to make it a plugin.
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    This sounds really cool. I didn't have a chance to try it before, but as soon as it gets ported to Bukkit, I'll be all over this.
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    Herr Riz

    I'm the guy for NotRunecraft.
    As soon as chrisinajar ports HeyRunes, I'll put out the next version, which has Compass, Power Pick (The 0.1 runes), Green Thumb, Ice Pick, Dispel, and Oracle. It's actually already done.
  11. Yeah! Your plugin was awesome, I hope it will be here soon along with Bukkit :)
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    Runecraft required edits to Hey0 that allowed them to work together, Bukkit does not have these edits made by that Z guy that helps lama. So therefore not compatible with Bukkit, he is to lazy to change his code to make it work and required hey0 to change theres.

    I hope Bukkit does not change/add anything for him and forces him to update his mod correctly like everyone else lol.
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    Herr Riz

    Thanks. It's good to know that some servers other than just mine actually used it. =)
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    Yeah, I agree that this needs to be a plugin, not another server mod. As cool as this seems, I have no interest in another mod. I'll take a look at HeyRunes and NotRunecraft as soon as they get ported. Sounds pretty cool.

    I've always felt minecraft was a fantasy game, and I'd much rather implement warping and other common server-type things via a rune or magic system then through a bland plugin with /warp commands.
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    I *need* Runecraft or some other teleport-rune plugin/mod for my SMP server. I'd really like to use Bukkit, but until teleport runes work I can't.

    Anxious to hear what happens!
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    Plz release RUNECRAFT in Bukkit before I'll go to army[​IMG]
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    I wish that it had the rest of the runes. I love the power tools for instance. Sad thing is, there's only two mods I really want to run. Runecraft and Minecart Mania. One requires bukkit and the other isn't compatible with bukkit :(
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    Agree about the power tools. The 4 things in Runecraft I use : Teleport, Sundial, power tools and secret door.

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