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    Plugin category: RPG/Role Play

    Suggested name: Minevine RPG

    What I want: I would like to have a custom leveling and custom skills. I would also like to have custom classes. Here are some classes i thought of. Warrior , Archer , Mage and Cleric

    Ideas for commands: /class

    Ideas for permissions: any.

    When I'd like it by: Any time you can have it finished
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    Do you want it so it will give you items???
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    I think he's asking for a watered-down, Bukkit Heroes plugin.
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    oh oh oh idk what that is xD
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    Anything is possible with CustomProfessions. Watch the video in my signature and you'll see an example. They don't have to be skill levels, they can represent class levels and you can grant experience towards the class for doing things using other plugins. Let me know if you need help with setting it up how you want. I'm the documenter and would be glad to help.

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