[Request] Quake-style Death Messages

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    If any of you fine gentlemen have ever played Quake - or even an MMO like Eternal Lands - you'll know exactly what I'm getting at. Every death was accompanied by a humorous death - were you knocked into a pool of water? "Player took a long walk off a short pier." Ganked by an enemy player? "Player was assassinated by Opponent."
    On hMod, I had DeathNotify on my server - which served as a good substitute, but even with three variables and limited death situations.

    Is it possible to make different death notices for each type of monster (Spider/Zombie/Skeleton/Creeper)? DeathNotify had it split between Monster/Creeper.

    DeathNotify had one variable for non-PvP deaths (Player) and three for PvP deaths (Player, Enemy, and tool used to kill Player.) Is it possible to introduce variables for the type of monster that killed you? Or even variables as to what time of day it was? Maybe even the health of the player's killer?

    Here's a perfect example of a list of death scenarios:
    -Crushed (Gravel/Sand)
    -Other (Unrecognizable deaths, like dying from Hunger mod)
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    Checking javadocs:........
    EntityDamagedByEntityEvent found
    OnDeath hook not found. getHealth function found
    entity type not found/obfusticated.
    EntityDamagedEvent.DamageCause located, analysing.

    EntityDamagedEvent.DamageCause can detect:

    -Artificial creepers a.k.a funtanium (TNT/block explosions)
    -contact (cactus touching)
    -Entity attack (unspecific afaik, but players can be ID'ed via humanEnity class)
    -Entity Explosion (SSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssSSSssss)
    -fire, both standing in and being onFire.

    Gravel and sand deaths could be detected by checking the blocks the player occupies possibly.

    so yeah this looks possible to do, I welcome other developers to try and build this, I'm gonna have a go, but later on in the week (damm you university and your examinations!).
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    I would love to see this!
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    Has anyone managed to port the hmod plugin yet? We need some death notes!! Keen!!

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