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Is this possible?

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    Hello, i currently own a network and i would like to have a special plugin for it
    Basically, whenever someone leaves it creates a npc of them and the npc is frozen and can’t take damage(They also always appear in the player list no matter what). When the player returns the npc is deleted and they are teleported to the npc’s previous position. This would allow for me to find out what players are doing when people are offline
    /tptonpc <npcname> - teleport to the npc
    If you could, please don’t give me some code I can’t code java at all :(


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    Mathias Eklund

    This is possible. A bit strange. But possible.
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    Can you make? :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    popBelly2 Please don't bump within 24 hours.
    And you would need a pretty decent server to be able to host this. And what if a player won't login for a week?
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    Maybe kill the npc after configurable amount of time?
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    Have you considered using the /seen command in Essentials? It tells you where people last were, and will not lag your server.
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