[Request or Help] 100% underground Map with Ores & Caves

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    Hello good people of Bukkit and plugin creators,
    I have a small issue and request

    I can create a 100% stone world where the stone goes to 256 with bedrock on top and bottem, Ores do spawn but only at the default Minecraft 120 limit or something.

    I want a plugin that can create and spawn ores in this manner all the way to 256.
    I have tried a few plugins to make this work:

    - TerrainControl
    - MineralVein

    I use Multiverse to spawn my custom superflat world but i need a few things to help me out with this:

    - Ores to go to 256
    - Caves (Optional)

    I have searched and searched and i think it would be great to have a 100% underground server

    Thank you for your replies. I really need help :)

    here's my world generation for everyone
    Notice lack of caves and ores above Y:120
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    Pretty cool idea!
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    What this guy said ^
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    Thanks for the replies!
    I just can't wait to do this!
    My admins and I have perfect plans to make my server amazing!
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    Ill be watching this thread, maybe someone will manage to create this kind of map generator, this would be great!
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    It would be great!
    I hope someone will help :)
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    Would love to help but I'm a noob when it comes to generating worlds, and especially since you will need to generate ores and caves. Ores would be simple but caves would be a lot more work to deal with. Hope someone will help!
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    Can't you do this in vanilla minecraft now? You can create whatever options for superflat you want...

    Haven't done this personally though.
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    You can. Like in the video showed but with 2 flaws

    There's no Ores in Y: 120+ and there is no caves at all
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    you said you tried Terrain control but Terrain Control can definitely do this.

    So what was the problem there?
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    How do i configure it?
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    It's been too long since i've looked at it but Terrain Control has a very comprehensive set of instructions

    The thing you want to look for is the method of setting blocks by heights
    you basically have a row of numbers that set the terrain in height rows and you would max them all out to their highest values (to fill the terrain)

    Then you would make it generate the world with just have 1 biome type.
    In that biomes config you can set all the ore heights and percentages so that they spawn upto max height and (perhaps) change their frequency

    I'm not going to do this all for you because it is time consuming but it's very doable.

    Feel free to ask for more advice if you get stuck somewhere.
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    Im trying terrain control again.
    It's confusing as Bleepbloopblop but im on the right track!
    I got caves to spawn ^.^
  15. Where do players get wood, food, and wool to make beds?
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    Why would you want to sleep... You would wake up to a zombie mauling your face off.
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    So i finally got my Caves to work and my ores :)
    Thanks guys!

    As for this question:

    As of Minecraft 1.4 Players can grow potatoes from rare drops zombies drop (And zombie flesh ;) ) And i suppose players can buy wheat seeds from Admins

    As for trees, I added a new "Leaf Ore" that is very plentiful and has a chance to drop a sapling on being destroyed. That is where trees will be grown :D

    Here's a video of my succession!

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    Codex Arcanum

    But in order to grow the tree you would need light. Light would usually require torches which require wood. Though, you could plant trees next to lava, that would be a bit dodgy in terms of safety.
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    Hmm that is a problem...
    I see where you're coming from. but i guess I can give the players a starter pack of stuff like a pickaxe and torches lol
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    You could have natural glowstone deposits and mineshafts. Mineshafts == wood.
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    yeah cause i was thinking the same sort of thing like, if the leaves are ores. presumably you need a pickaxe to mine through the stone to get to them in the first place

    maybe if you had a higher than usual percentage of dirt so that people can carve there way through that to find their first wood and leaves

    The other thing a world like this would be missing is actual grass?
    No grass = no passive mobs :(

    or did you come up with a method for that already?
    you only need grass to get seeds because you can use bonemeal to make some long.

    I'm pretty keen to give this a try :)
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    it is quite a lot work but not impossible to create some biomes in this underground world. this way u could have one with a ceiling of glowstone and some grass below that.

    passive mob spawning can be editted in the files aswell. so that shouldnt be a problem. just make an underground plains biome with lots of glowstone and u can make them spawn
  23. Nice, but how do you make picks to find that sapling thing?
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    I suppose Players can start out with a pick. (not iron or anything but like an eff 4, unbreaking stone pick)

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