[request] one way doors?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nick Fiering, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Nick Fiering

    I want doors that you can only enter from one side in my server cus i have an spawn plugin (herospawn) but i dont want the people to can get back to the old spawn.
    I dont want ALL doors to be one way but only the one that i configure?

    Is this possible?
    greets Nick Fiering

    (this is my first post so i didnt knew where to put it)
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    use iron doors and put a pressureplate infront of it
    make a 2 block deep slope, so ppl can jump down but not up
    make something like this (front)
    behind it at the floor a soulsandblock, no one can pass through it from the soulsand side


    ppl can only go from right to left
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    Nick Fiering

    hmm interesting but i run a server whit mazes and stuff so it will be too big D:
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    the minimum required for all these 3 options are 1x4x2 space,
    what is there too big?
    for the soulsandmethod, here are a few more examples

    [stone] floor
    [cobble] wall
    [log] soulsand

    top-down view:

    ceiling (on hight 3 above the floor):

    player is allowed to go to the east and south
    and blocked against north and west
    but allowd to go from every direction to the middle

    the pressureplate doesnt require any redstone to open the irondoor, so where is the problem of space?
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    Nick Fiering

    i just wanted an PLUGIN that makes doors one way accesible. so only the DOOR not anything around it.

    i fixed it and a friend of me made an custom command in the worldedit file.
    now i can select an door and make it one way.

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    I still dont get why you couldnt just use an iron door with a plate in front of it?
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    Nick Fiering

    i really need an PLUGIN that does this cus the eddited world edit file is broken...
    i think it is not that hard to make.(i cant cus i dont know anything abouth it)
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    Dude, you take a door. Make sure it's made out of iron. On the entrance side, put a pressure plate on the floor, touching the door. On the other side leave it blank. It is 2 blocks. Not tooooooo hard.
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