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    Suggested name: ControlInventory

    What I want: Alright, I know what you are thinking- there are a hundred multiple inventory plugins out there! But, I did my research and I cannot find one that would fit my needs. So here's what I want:

    - I want it to have different worlds, on my mini-game server every game is in a different world. This is very important
    -I want to be able to choose if their inventory is creative or survival. I have plots on my server and for some reason I cannot make the plots world a creative world. So I want it to be able to make that world and that world only creative.
    -I want to put items in it. For example, when a player goes to one of our original games, he won't know how to play it. So I would want to put a book explaining, and some equipment.
    -I want it so that enderchests are separate because I don't want anyone cheating by going into the plot world, filling up their enderchest then taking it back.

    Ideas for commands: I feel like this can all be done in a config file or inventories.yml

    Ideas for permissions: Different perms for each inventory

    When I'd like it by: Whenever!
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    TimJames I tried to make the plots world creative by doing what you said, but I don't know if I am expecting the right thing from it. I expect that when I go to the plots world and I am in survival, my gamemode will be changed to creative- and then when I go back to spawn or another non-creative world, it will be changed back to survival. Also, I tried multiverse-inventories but I don't think I can put items in their groups/inventories. I want it so when they go to a mini-game they receive a book about how to play and maybe some armor/weapons to play with.

    But limited-creative looks good :p
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    You can also set a world to creative with world guard. /rg flag __global__ game-mode CREATIVE
    then just set the others to SURVIVAL, then just use the multiverse inventorys for separation of inv's and you could just create a kit to give them when they join that contains the things for different worlds, and have it permission based so in one world they can get it, in the other they can't... so on

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