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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by PipeHead, Feb 5, 2011.

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    In SSP, there is a mod by Traviz called 'More Painting' and he's upped the ante by making an Xtreme Edition which allows the use of way more and bigger paintings.

    Might someone be up to the challenge to make that mod work as a plugin for Bukkit?

    Currently there is a class file to make it work in the vanilla Minecraft server JAR at the link above and all players must have the client side mod as well...which is cool, but doing it Bukkity makes it all better!
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    Seconded. Xtreme edition is not required, but would be nice. More Paintings is definitely a must-have, even if everyone has to have a client-side mod installed.
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    Bump for awesome. Ties in with this request as well.
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    Bump! Who's up for it?
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    Client side mods are "sort of but not really" frowned on by notch, and the recent account thefts by client side mods have people not as interested in them as they are scared. Your best bet is to wait for official client side mod support as things like this that require it will get more interest at that time.
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    I too would like to see more paintings added into the game. I agree that client-side mods are a pain, especially for each player on an SMP server to install them. Would there be any way to make a Bukkit plugin that facilitated the use of the empty spaces in the kz.png file WITHOUT having to require a client-side mod, where all the player needed to do was to replace the painting PNG in the texture pack?
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    as Nuinbot said even just to use the left over spaces? ive been waiting on someone to do it for a while...
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    ^ No it's not possible without a client-mod.
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    +1 to that :D

    it would be great, if someone could pick this client-mod up to make a Bukkit Plugin.
    But it's important, that the client-mod is not nessecary to connect to the server.
    Means: people without the Mod installed can't see the Pictures and are not able to place them.
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    People without the client plugin would simply crash when they view or place a picture.
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    thats not good :/
    I'm not very god in Programming Bukkit-Plugins, But would it be possible, that the Client-Mod sends a message to the server. Then the Server could see weather someone has the Mod installed or not.
    Then the Server could disable Pictures for some Players.
    But i think its not possible with bukkit :S
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    Not with the current mod implementation, but it's very likely that when the mod API comes out it'll allow for things such as auto-downloading of mods and mod-based whitelisting.
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    would it be possible with Spout?

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