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    first of all, sorry for my poor english, i'm belgian.
    i have to say i didn't see any similar requests here, but i havn't look around for a long time so...

    here is something that is not possible / outdated / doesn't work with actual plugins, i've tested alot of em, including "monster appocalypse" wich is the closest to what i look but it simply doesn't has everything that i'm looking for, it's hard to change something in the config correctly, and some things doesn't work...

    so: here's the point: it's too control everything about every entity, it means

    beeing able to spawn mob (but there are plugins that can make it so nvm)

    control the passive/neutral/aggressive stance of every mob, including squids :D
    ---> control the health, damages and range of em

    control the range at wich the mobs can spot u (i want it to be HUGE so i can make events by spawning 100 zombies who will go through a whole forest to reach players instead of having to spawn them nearly right on them...)
    ---> they should see u throught walls too


    ├╣ake mobs able to break blocks (with a list of blocks that they can break)

    make useful giants (i mean, i can spawn them, but they don't even attack, nor do anything...)

    i seen in "monster appocalypse" that skelettons can shoot explosive arrows (but it doesn't work...)

    set the natural spawn on/off and distance (range?) at witch they spawn if they do...

    maybe even spawn mobs with a dirrection they'll run to and disapear after...

    i think u understood: a plugin that would make a really great change in the mob control

    i'm asking this cuz i'm actually making a podcast (" the epic story of Dominion", still unreleased) with some friends, we're at EP.6 , but it's hard too keep on when i got to spawn the mobs at the rly right place and right time meanwhile moving everything around, etc...

    thx for reading, that would be a great help

    P.S.: i know this would be a REALLy HUGE work, but if u could just make the range spotting players and/or breaking block ability (like zombie attack, but it's been a while since it's been upgraded, i think it won't be...) that would be the best!

    thx again, i hope to hear news soon :)
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    i UP this in hope someone reply?
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    Bump! This would be awesome. Just awesome.

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