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Do You like Using Forge Based Mods Such As Buildcraft.

  1. Yes All The Time and I Loved It!

  2. I Heard About it

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  3. Hated It!!!

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  4. Meh its Okay

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  5. No

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    I Think Since Many Popular Mods Are planned on being Ported and the most requested are stuff like IC2 or Build Craft Or Red Power and Equivalent exchange and all of those are using Minecraft Forge because of its many Features Most Notably its Ore Directory.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but Minecraft forge is based on compatibility in mind while being developed and Spout is About SMP and user simplicity and Minecraft Forge Was Compatible Enough to make an Extensive Mod pack that contains Heavy Content Mods and that Pack is The Technic Pack http://www.technicpack.net/

    And Spout Will Not only be able to Run it but Improve apon it and Keep user interaction to a minimal.

    This Message is For Anyone Willing To try And Bring This Amazing API To Spout.
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    I totally agree, there are some amazing mods for both spout and forge, but currently, you have to pick one or the other. One of the mods i have, Trees++ and MoCreatures require forge to work, however another mod i want to use called MoreMaterials, requires spout to even run. I cant find anything out there for making your own content besides stuff that uses spout when it comes to bukkit. And even just something simple like a bridge mod would make problems like this go away entirely, not just for my server, but for anyone who runs into similar conflicts like this.
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    Request this on spout forums
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